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Hot Stuff: 5 Dance Crazes We Shamelessly Danced To In School

Hot Stuff: 5 Dance Crazes We Shamelessly Danced To In School



Hit songs come and go, but there was a particular time in our childhood when dance songs were huge, and we shamelessly danced to them when we were younger. And while we all thought we looked cool back then, looking at it now and listening to some of those tunes, we realize that the #cringefactor. Is Real. Then again, it still makes for some great laughs, so we're giving you a major throwback of the top five dance crazes we got addicted to in the early 2000s! That's right, #Jologs4Lyf.


"Jumbo Hotdog" by Masculados (2004)

Looking at it now and hearing its shocking lyrics, we're surprised our parents actually allowed us to dance to it—even listen to it!

"Bulaklak" by Viva Hot Babes (2004)

Another controversial video. When we were younger, the music video of "Bulaklak" by Viva Hot Babes can already be considered soft porn! The double entrende is rife in this song, but that was lost on us, because all we wanted was to play the childhood game that inspired the song!

"Otso Otso" by Bayani Agbayani (2004)

Bayani Agbayani was the King of Novelty Songs during his time, and Lito Camo was as an unstoppable singer-songwriter, producing hit after hit. When "Otso Otso" came out, everyone clamored to nail its signature move, from kids to adults alike! Who needs twerkin' when you can do the "Otso Otso?"

"Boom Tarat Tarat" by Willie Revillame (2006)


Willie Revillame was a prolific singer back then, releasing music that people ate up every single time. But this song in particular became "viral" during its release—it was always on the radio and played in most public places that you couldn't escape the song even if you wanted to.

"Asereje" by Las Ketchup (2002)

"Asereje" was very controversial when rumors associated it with satanism, demonic association and satanic messages coming from its back-masked lyrics. Whether true or not, believable or unbelievable, there was no denying that every kid back then strived to memorize its dance moves (heck, we couldn't even understand the lyrics but we were still able to sing along!).

Do you know the signature moves for these songs? What other dance craze did you perform back in the day? Hit us up in the comments—we'd love to hear from you!


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