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Hot Stuff: We Put 10 Artists Through The #PubertyChallenge–The Transformations Left Us Shookt!

Hot Stuff: We Put 10 Artists Through The #PubertyChallenge–The Transformations Left Us Shookt!


By Miggy Gimena and Joelle Theresa Ngo


With the #PubertyChallenge doing its rounds online, we at Chalk couldn't help but walk down memory lane. Apart from seeing our own and our friends' makovers, of course, we can't forget our favorite celebs and their before-and-after transformations. While most of them have yet to participate in the challenge, we decided to have a little fun and see for ourselves! Here's a then-and-now look at the country's top love teams: KathNiel, MayWard, LizQuen, McLisse, and JaDine. (Caution: their genes might make you jealz!)


Daniel Padilla

Yep, this bad boy heartthrob has always been a cutie! As a kid, Daniel loved biking or playing basketball with his friends, as well as playing patintero and taguan. (Just like us!) Wondering how the Can't Help Falling in Love leading man looked like playing on the streets? A showstopper, for sure!

Kathryn Bernardo

She's called Queen for a reason! The kengkoy Maya from Super Inggo really blossomed into one fine young lady. From Goin' Bulilit to Can't Help Falling In Love, this young woman and five-time Chalk cover girl didn't go through an awkward stage at all. We. are. so. jealz!

Enrique Gil

Enrique's childhood photos prove that he's been naturally gifted with good looks and charm since birth! He was cute when he was young, but now he's hotter and...seriously, who can resist that stare? BRB, we're melting.

Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano—or Hopie, her first name, as fans affectionately call her—is a timeless beauty and her face has even caught the attention of international artists! After Charlie Puth, the most recent being Christian Lee Navarro or Tony from the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why

Mccoy De leon

Who would've thought that this boy from Tondo will grow up to be the boy-next-door setting our hearts on fire? The kilig is real, yo. 

Elisse Joson

Since she started in the 'biz, Elisse physically didn't change all that much. The 21-year-old has been turning heads with her mestiza features—and we love how she's still the amazing girl we've come to know through her years as an artista!


James Reid 

Ahh, from sweet smilin' to brooding smolder real quick! James looks like he's always been a heartbreaker, capturing ladies' hearts at a young age.

Nadine Lustre

You just can't get enough of Nadine's distinct Filipina beauty. You'll just want to look at her all day! It seems like even as a kid, she already knows her best angle. What a star!

Edward Barber

Based on his baby pictures, this charmer looks just as playful and adorable as he was when he was a wee babe! Can you imagine how fun it would've been to have him around growing up?

Maymay Entrata

It's easy to see that Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 Big Winner Maymay Entrata was destined to be a star. Nothing much has changed in her appearance, since she's always been a beauty inside and out.

Who won this #PubertyChallenge for you? Let us know in the comments!

Banner and photographs from Smile for Daniel (Daniel), Kathryn Bernardo and Justine Del Rosario (Kathryn), Enrique Gil, Mickey See and Dolce Amore (Liza), Mccoy De LeonMark Qua and Elissenatics (Elisse)  Jadine Supporters and Chalk Magazine (James), Jelly Eugenio and Nadine Lustre Throwback Pictures (Nadine), ABS-CBN Entertainment, (Edward), Eman De Leon and Maymay Entrata (Maymay) / Screencap from Ohania Updates (Kathryn)




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