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Daily Diaries: Why It's Okay to Not Have Everything All Figured Out Right Now

Daily Diaries: Why It's Okay to Not Have Everything All Figured Out Right Now



By the time you reach your mid-20s, or after you graduate from college, it may seem that people already expect you to have your life "all figured out." (Else you'd be considered as a failure if you don't.) It's an anxiety-inducing concept, one that makes many feel like they haven't achieved success based on the world's standards.

But what does it really mean to have life "all figured out?" Truth be told, we find that idea to be ridiculous—that term is a misconception that most people find themselves mindlessly adhering to just because it's the norm.

We're not suggesting that you follow a #YOLO path and not set any goals and directions for your future. Nor are we saying that you should have set plans that you should stick to for the rest of your life. If you're still not ready to think about your plans for the next chapter of your life, that's perfectly okay! In fact, here are more reasons why it's all right to not have everything all figured out:

We are constantly changing. We're always evolving, and our desires, goals, and dreams in life are fluid. Just imagine, you’ve already set a path you’d want to take for the rest of your life, only to find out that it isn’t really what you wanted in the end. Major bummer!

You get to explore other things. In your pursuit of discovering where your path truly leads to, you'll also be taking a lot of adventures and committing mistakes along the way. That's totally fine—and part of life! These mistakes will turn into lessons, and these lessons will eventually turn into wisdom that will mould you to become the successful person that you want to be.

You’ll end up with fewer regrets. Because you don’t have it all figured out, you’ll choose to explore and be exposed to a lot of new things. Whether it works out or not, just think that everything will be worth it! You'll have less regrets when you get older, and you'll become a more well-rounded person than when you first started out.

You can lessen your worries. Over thinking about how to have it all figured out can be exhausting. Not to mention, it’s very unproductive! Instead of worrying your life away, why not just enjoy and savor the moments? Life is a mystery and the fun starts when you start to unravel it!

Chin up, take a deep breath, and take it slow. You're young and you've got your whole life ahead of you! Stop rushing and just start living—as they say, carpe diem!

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