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In Focus: Why Baby Nataleia Valenciano Will Charm You As Much As The Rest Of Her Fambam

In Focus: Why Baby Nataleia Valenciano Will Charm You As Much As The Rest Of Her Fambam

Just over six months ago while still in her Mama's womb, Nataleia Martine Valenciano already had a coined hashtag, "#baevee". The Vees, a fond nickname for the Valencianos, Paolo and Sam, sweetly welcomed their baby girl, Leia, into the world on November 3, 2016. She is now over five months of age and counting and has already begun to eat yummy solids. Leia, as she is fondly called, leads a lovely, unique life that's more in the limelight than most. Here, we learn together about why this cheeky baby girl is currently the apple of nearly everyone's eye when they see her.


Her Mama, Sam, says she was kinda' "wiping" her mouth after every spoonful of one of her first meal with solids. What a classy little gal! 


Both Leia's father, Paolo and her ninong, JR Enrile, were once rockstar bandmates together when Salamin was making waves with two awesome lead singers, both of them. Leia is seen here with her new younger cousin, Javi.


Leia's parents are semi-kinda Star Wars fanatics (her name might have given you a clue) and there's nothing like enjoying the galactic spoils in style at a young age.



Her Grand "Pappy" or lolo is none other than Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano who simply adores Her Roly-Poly Highness, Leia in all her delightful cuteness.


Her Papa, Paolo, has a larger toy collection than she does, but she doesn't seem to mind, she knows she's an heiress! They have lots of happy times together at home with their dog, Trooper Vee.


She doesn't mind getting her foot in her mouth once in a while! Insert heart emojis here!


...and she loves being in the water. In the morning, she complains because she's way too excited to have her morning bath. Leia loves being squeaky clean and having fun in the pool! 


Leia is the first apo-sa-tuhod  or great-grandchild after all the Pangilinan grandchildren on the side of Pappy Gary's in-laws, making her their beloved first niece. 

As early as between 3-4 months, Leia already tried her first pair of what we'd like to coin baby "louBootins"... 


...and last Holy Week, the family posted her name for prayer at the Walkway Stations of the Cross exhibit.


Just too much cuteness! For more of Baby Leia, go ahead and check out Paolo's and Sam on Instagram and find yourself falling for this newest social media sensation, too!


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