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Cheat Sheet: Star Beauty Tricks For Your Heart-Shaped Face

Cheat Sheet: Star Beauty Tricks For Your Heart-Shaped Face

Do you have a narrow, pointed, or tiny chin? Lucky you, Miss Heart-Shaped Beauty. Because whether your face is widest along your cheek area, or you have a broad forehead that gets really narrow at the chin and jawline, or a face with a widow's peak at your hairline, combined with large cheeks, you are, indeed, genetically blessed.

Your face is chiseled in a way that even if you think you haven't got slim cheeks, your cheekbones are still totally winning. Liza Soberano is a classic example of one with a heart-shaped face—and it lends her overall beauty a refinement that's just to die for. Now, we hear you: There can only be one Liza, you argue. And even if you have a heart-shaped face, you still don't feel confidently beautiful enough. 


More lovely ladies with heart-shaped faces...


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Both points duly noted, that's why we asked experts for tips to help you enhance your face shape—time to leverage on that pointy chin and those lovely cheekbones of yours. Expert colorist and hairstylist duo Bullet Orbeta and Jay Ballesteros explain just how it's done at the launch of L'Oreal Professionnel's newest product innovation, Smartbond, headlined by Hollywood hairstylist Matthew Collins. “Smartbond basically ensures that the hair color you want to achieve lasts longer by protecting your hair and ensure that you’re not lasting and destroying your hair. To achieve that naturally silky hair, you have to apply Smartbond to make it work,” Matthew shares.

Read on for a practical guide to cut and color for heart-shaped beauties...

The color - Bullet says, "Hair is the new makeup so take advantage of this. For girls with heart-shaped faces, we use a lighter color above the ear to create the illusion that it's wider. It will look nice without bangs, but if you want bangs, we'll have to  put a bit of highlight but it is darker. We also place a light color below the chin, a bit of highlight on top to create length. The placement is triangle section on top to create volume at the back, a bit of layering on the face bring out her face talaga."

The cut - "We suggest the Bertram cut for all face shapes, actually. Keyhole sectioning, not too edgy yung cut nagbabawas lang ng density but it's still like one length—we just add layering sa crown so the face will be seen more, not too much hair."


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