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The Six Fix: Beauty Gonzalez' Online Charm And Why She Can Be Matinee TV's Next Heartbreaker

The Six Fix: Beauty Gonzalez' Online Charm And Why She Can Be Matinee TV's Next Heartbreaker

You'd find yourself agreeing–Beauty Gonzalez has the type of face that can light up even the most stressful mornings. On her Instagram feed, even without makeup, a special glow emanates from her smile. Her OOTD's and colorful landscape photos inspire countlessly and her atypical slender figure in summer beach photos evokes an elevated, sophisticated sense of sexy. Beauty's return to matinee television in ABS-CBN's teleserye Pusong Ligaw is highly anticipated. Her role as Tessa Magbanua, a young probinsyana with a burgeoning ambition for fashion design will move many hearts who dream of creating a better life. Towards that dream, we all journey but not without our own share of challenges and heartbreak.  Here we'd like to show you exactly why we like Beauty and why we believe she can be the next teleserye heartbreaker.

1. The camera loves her face, even without makeup. With a staggering over 825k batch of followers online, Beauty's joy-lit OOTDs are always a refreshing addition to our news feed.  She has a captivating smile that pierces you naturally right through the lens and more often than not she isn't wearing tons of makeup on her face. 


2. She's queen to her king, fiance, Norman Crisologo. This girl fell hard for an older guy who, upon learning of her pregnancy, bought her a promise ring with two stones even before their engagement. That was, to reassure her he would be there for them both. Her engagement came to pass just last March with a photo of her teary-eyed for all the right reasons.


The Proposal @beauty_gonzalez ?????????? #anotheronebitesthedust Beauty Crisologo ahahahaha

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3. Beauty's a hot momma with a baby we want to squish, Olivia Ines. If she passed you in a grocery you wouldn't think she had a baby already, Beauty's youthful and graceful appearance is one we all admire. Her baby girl has the impish smirk of her Dad and the beautiful aura of her Mom and every new photo of her draws in the endless "awws" every time.


4. She sometimes reminds us of retro Filipino film darling Rio Locsin. If you're familiar with Philippine cinema, the realization will hit you naturally. Beauty Gonzalez bears a striking resemblance to vintage movie heartthrob Rio Locsin. Rio, in her reign as a movie heartthrob, exuded a natural, effortless beauty that drew you in without trying too hard. Beauty's allure does the same.

Beauty Gonzalez is almost a doppelganger for one of the Philippines' biggest cinema heartthrobs.
Rio Locsin

5. Beauty is a pusong-mamon princess whose tears well up very easily. We find that kind of sweet, actually. She does think about things deeply and in detail, like the time her fiance surprised her with a phone call on Magandang Buhay. She once mentioned that Norman was a very private person and so it was like she couldn't believe he was talking about her on public television. 


6. Beauty wins and breaks our hearts in the trailer of upcoming new afternoon drama series Pusong Ligaw. We watched the trailer when it first came out and had to watch it again. All the feels on board in this new show are bound to tug on your heart-strings for sure. Beauty plays a girl who dreams of being a fashion designer and works hard to pursue that dream.  


Tessa finds friendship, love, and pain along the way and the story is way bigger than where it begins, in the heart of Baguio City. Watch out for Pusong Ligaw at ABS-CBN on April 24, during the time slot of The Greatest Love. 

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