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Daily Diaries: KathNiel Does Real Talk On Love and Adulting In Movie 'Can't Help Falling In Love'

Daily Diaries: KathNiel Does Real Talk On Love and Adulting In Movie 'Can't Help Falling In Love'

In their latest movie Can't Help Falling In Love, Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla–arguably the hottest love team of their generation–play a married couple, their first "mature" role together since their rise as showbiz's teen royalty.  While their fans look forward to seeing KathNiel get married for real someday, the series of events that transpired within their "accidental" marriage in the film made everyone just sent anyone reeling in too much kilig.

So if by now you haven't watched the movie (we heard it has earned Php 100 million in four days!), these lines from the movie should convince you to head over your nearest cinemas, stat!


On the importance of trust in the family: "Honesty is the best policy lalo na sa family."

On the definition of true love, beyond physical attributes: "Wala man akong abs, ako naman pinakasalan mo."

On the dilemmas of getting married or calling off an engagement: "Mahirap ba ang mahulog, or mahirap ba ang umalis?"

On the value of time, an important aspect in any relationship: "Mahal ang oras mo; I can’t take it for free."

On one of the little secrets in making relationships last forever: "Basta ang importante, pagkatiwalaan mo ako."

On the extent everyone goes through when they are in love: "Kapag nagmahal ka, bawat minuto, bawat sandal ay mahalaga."

On how time and love always go hand in hand: "Love takes time, love makes time; walang sinasayang oras ang pagmamahal."

On valuing those who stood by your side, in both good and bad times: "Gagawin ko ito para sa inyo, lalo sa inyo na hindi ako sinukuan."

On the value of being with The One over others: "Mas pipiliin ko yun isang bukas na andun ka kaysa sa isang bukas na wala ka."

On taking risks when it comes to love: "Nakakatakot magmahal kasi ang pag-ibig hindi ka sigurado pero mas nakakatakot kapag pinili mo hindi magmahal."


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Banner photograph screencapped from "Can't Help Fall In Love" Trailer.




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