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Hot Stuff: EDM What? Fall In 'Luv' With Hip-Hop Again By Listening To Curtismith's Fave Tracks

Hot Stuff: EDM What? Fall In 'Luv' With Hip-Hop Again By Listening To Curtismith's Fave Tracks

Move over EDM: Hip-hop music is back, making waves again as one of the most popular genres of this generation. In case it's one comeback you wished hadn't happened again in music history, we advise that you just have to, well, get over it! Hip-hop music has gone far from the misconstrued, absorbed-for-its-literal-meaning lyrics (usually riddled with cuss words, sex, drugs, and violence). To be fair, the hip-hop movement is considered to be the "most prolific and culturally relevant musical movement of our time," told Laurel Reinhart in the Daily Nexus.

The same can be said with the music industry in the Philippines if you've gone to notice, and rising artists like Curtismith (Mito Fabie, in real life) prove that Filipinos might have more of this music after the likes of Andrew E and Francis M. What to love about hip-hop now? We recently caught up with Curtismith, also an entrepreneur whose recent big performances include the Malasimbo Music and Arts festival, for his top 10 favorite hip-hop tracks that may convince you to worship the returning genre anew!


The World Is Yours by Nas – "It was made in 1996, and it still resonates in me today. It is a confidence booster, it is something that elevates my mindset when I listen to it, and it gives me the drive I need when it is lacking."

Stay Schemin’ by Rick Ross and Drake – "I love the hustler’s mentality, and that is what I am about and what I’m trying to apply in some of my songs, and it is like, I like it."

Loyalty by Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna – "I have gone through particular experiences in the last two years that had made me question; it showed me how rare loyalty is, and it makes me appreciate loyalty more."

Temptation by Joey Bada$$ - "There are points in time where I question whether what I’m doing is for me or for the greater good or for something bigger than myself, for a greater purpose, and sometimes you get sidetracked by your instant gratifications, and it is a good depiction of how it feels."

Cave Me In By Gallant – "Sam Concepcion made me listen to it because we were talking about Korea one time and how I really really want [to go there], and how the[ir] music is something I aspire to attain."

Chanel by Frank Ocean – "Sonically, it is just awesome, and Frank Ocean just proves to you that there’s so much to explore in the music with how you edit your voice and all that stuff."

Sky’s The Limit by Notorious B.I.G – "I love it, I love it. Just the picture he paints in that track, and the hope that he gives is fulfilling."

Tell Your Friends by The Weeknd – "I heard this track and I’m like this is a friggin’ dope song that I really enjoy. The melodies, how he layers his voice, even just what he says is so maangas but the way he says it is so melodic, and this is a cool approach."

Japanese Denim by Daniel Caesar – "He is so soulful. The lines that he makes, it is so short yet it is poetic. It is about love, about all of these things."

Softly Draining Seas by Jamie Isaac – "This song really pushed me to further develop my artistic capabilities because he plays the piano, he sings, and the vibe and the way he sings inspires me to want to capture that flavor."


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