The Six Fix: The Things That Make You A Neat Freak And Why It’s Great To Be One

The Six Fix: The Things That Make You A Neat Freak And Why It’s Great To Be One

Chances are, you’ve been called KJ because you want to get things done properly and on time. You probably received weird reactions, too, because you find comfort in cleaning up.

The struggle is real when you’re a neat freak so you hold yourself back—if it means not being seen as strict, scary, and overreacting. But don’t be disheartened just because you’re different: Being a neat freak can be tough, but it will never be bad. Tolerating anything (or anyone) messy just isn’t your forte. Try to see this trait in a positive light; let’s talk about the things that make you a total neat freak and why you should be proud to be one!

Waking up early in the morning is a must, not an option. Leaving your home undone will never be acceptable. End of discussion. For you, starting the day right means emptying the trash bin, fixing the bed, cleaning up the sink—ASAP. You’re the perfect housemate and the ultimate housewife material. You make life easier—for you and your loved ones—and that’s what makes you irreplaceable.



You can’t stand a friend’s chaotic place. Lecturing her about Cleaning 101 has been a norm; you even tidy up her house to set a standard. Yet no matter how stubborn she is, your friend still appreciates the effort. You inspire her to get her life together. And that’s one of the reasons why you’re best friends forever.





You have a wardrobe that can give stylists a run for their money. Not because of your fab designer clothes (feel free to correct us if you really have a collection, though) but because your perfectly sorted clothes and accessories are just… wow. Wondering what to wear daily has never been a problem because you’re prepared—days or even weeks ago. Now, who says being a neat freak sucks?


You love storage containers, labeling tags, sticky notes, and planners. And everything that makes organizing a no-brainer. In a world full of the "bahala na" thinking, you’re that one person who prefers to have a plan from A-Z. Your unparalleled organizing skills make you an asset to any company. So, keep up the good work to get a promotion—in no time.




You are overprotective when it comes to your belongings. Nope, that’s not synonymous with being madamot. You just love to keep your stuff safe and want others to handle it with so much care, too. The result? You barely lose things and all your belongings look good as new.



You prioritize cleaning gadgets in your grocery list. Simply because you want your home to be #LinisGoals. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend less on other important things (take food, for example). Keep your cleaning game strong and use a budget-friendly, multi-purpose cleaner like Pine-sol.




With Pine-Sol, you only need one product to remove dirt, grime, and grease on different surfaces in your home. It can also deodorize your place because it gives off a refreshing scent! Just mix it with water to adjust the strength of its solution and make it suitable for different household needs. Plus, this powerful cleaner will let you enjoy more ‘me time’ since it kills 99.9% of germs in just one use! Tipid sa effort, tipid sa budget!





Don’t be embarrassed if you’re guilty of doing these things. Embrace your inner neat freak—the quality that makes you one-of-a-kind! 


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