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Dining Delight: 5 Mouthwatering Bangus Dishes and Where to Catch Them

Dining Delight: 5 Mouthwatering Bangus Dishes and Where to Catch Them

April is Bangus Festival Month, a time of celebration that started in Dagupan, Pangasinan. Nearly every Filipino home considers the tasty milkfish as a dining table staple. The sizzle of fresh bangus on the frying pan or even a waft of its belly bubbling in a soup pot triggers Filipino homecooked memories like no other. With the local festival ongoing, there could not be a better time to revisit our bangus and where to find the best ones. Here are five city finds that cook and serve our favorite fish dish  in multiple ways! 

1. Jude's Paksig at Recovery Food 

If you turn bangus belly paksiw into rice toppings this is what you sort of get, fishy breakfast or brunch bliss in a bowl. If you're looking for a slight sour yet warm seafood fix, this is for you. Recovery Food, known for its delectable belly filler meals, absolutely does not disappoint with this yummy bangus-blessed bowl. Recovery Food's branches are currently available 24/7 at Crossroads BGC, Stopover BGC, Molito Alabang, UP Town Center, Newport & Mall of Asia.


Some (bangus) belly for your belly? Enjoy our Hey Jude’s Paksig with sunny side up! | ??: @jjamppong00

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2. Pinakbet with Bangus Belly at Mesa Filipino Moderne. This is a bangus bonus on top of one of Filipinos' favorite vegetable dishes. Experience a delectable, tender piece of bangus, belly intact, served on top of tasty vegetables conjured into pinakbet just the way we like them. Overall, it's a dish bound together by its own sauce! Contact Mesa PH via these mobile numbers: +632917-852-MESA, Visayas/Mindanao: +632917-327-MESA or visit their FB page.


3. Smoked Tinapa at Pancake House 

If you're open to try bangus in a whole 'nother realm of flavor, then try it smoked as tinapa at diner style, breakfast-all-day haunt Pancake House. What you get is a somewhat slightly woodsy, smoky or cured type of fish flavor together with a bit of a slaw, rice and egg. Breakfasts can be this simple and yet yummier than you expect. Contact them for delivery at the Pancake House delivery hotline: (+632)7-9000 or browse their menu at


4. Bangus Sisig at Mang Inasal 

When in the Philippines, sisig.  It's on almost every foodie traveler's to-do list when in town, but some may be a bit health conscious. For the calorie-concerned, they may want to try a different version over at Mang Inasal where they serve up Bangus Sisig, a fishy take on the originally porky sizzling plate.  It's "belly-belly " tasty. Follow them at


5. Bangus Sinigang at Via Mare 

When it comes to comfort food, nothing's quite as cozy as a bowl of soup. The Bangus Sinigang of Via Mare simmers with taste, depth, and the sourness we crave, add in pieces and belly of the lead fish together with fresh veggies and it's game on.  Via Mare's outlets and contact numbers are available here.


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