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The Six Fix: Denim Diaries With Anne, Nadine, and Liza—The Textile That Switches Moods Like You Do

The Six Fix: Denim Diaries With Anne, Nadine, and Liza—The Textile That Switches Moods Like You Do

It's been around but it never gets old. Dearest denim has always been a casual staple and mass style favorite.  It's a fabric that's cool by default and empirically durable. Humans continue to wear denim day-in and day-out and the number of ways to wear it these days is pretty staggering. Because of its versatility clothes made with, this type of fabric continue to fly off racks today. Here's how the blue fabric of choice–as flexible as it is in fashion–practically keeps up with whatever mood you might be in. We included our favorite showbiz stylistas working these trends for more added fashion inspo, too!

1.  Parade playfully in patchwork like Anne Curtis. Patch mania has peppered the nation, even in the luxe bags and accessories division. Patchwork in denim also plays a huge part these days and it's a nice way to express what motivates or inspires you depending on the design you choose. There are ready-to-wear, branded patched pieces  or you could pull a DIY, buy a plain classic denim jacket and do your own custom patchwork.


2. Swing sultry like Arci Muñoz.  There are two ways here that Arci leveled up the usual denim-on-denim ensemble:  with that body-fit inner shirt and those classy and strappy black sandals. Two non-denim pieces overall just turned this look around from casually ripped to smart and sassy!


3. Go laid back like Nadine Lustre. There's something ultra chill about just throwing denim on whenever you feel like it. You can fold it up, flip it over, or if it's a thinner version of denim even wear it 'round the house. Whatever way you want to do it, denim goes over skin attractively, we particularly like the look of loose denim as well. 


4. Keep it classic and chic like Liza Soberano. Like a beat gen belle, Liza here is  wearing high-waisted, classic jeans. When denim is worn this way, it's wise to pair it with standout accessories like a cap, a bag, or perhaps a traveler's camera. Her boots also have us all nostalgic about the nineties era again.


5. Celebrate with bling and beads like Kiana Valenciano.  At the recent Coldplay concert in Korea, Kiana had on the cutest denim jacket all blinged up with beads and sparkle. Let thy denim jacket tell them your mood! She was excessively happy to be able to watch the concert with cousins Timothy and Donny Pangilinan, her boyfriend, Sam Concepcion, plus good friends, Lauren Reid, James Reid, and Nadine Lustre.


6. Drop and rip it like it's hot like Sue Ramirez. Summer's a bummer when the heat becomes less enjoyable. If out on a summer beach trip with friends, feel free to rock a printed bikini top with a pair of ripped flaired jeans for a more retro vibe.


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