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Hot Stuff: The Brow Brigade and a Pro Tutorial—7 Pairs of Celebrity Eyebrows We Wish Were Ours

Hot Stuff: The Brow Brigade and a Pro Tutorial—7 Pairs of Celebrity Eyebrows We Wish Were Ours

One look at a made up or groomed pair of brows and you can sort of decide whether your overall appearance is balanced or not. Brows make a defining difference in beauty, if properly proportioned or defined they help set the tone neutrally for facial expression. Here are a couple of celebrities whose eyebrow pairs are on our bucket list to achieve. 

1. Andrea Brillantes 

Andrea's brows attract a double take you'd almost think she has gone past her awkward years. But, yes, she's still 14.

The trick: With her type of arches, a pair abundant with hair and expansive in shape, there's very little to be done. All that's needed is to regularly groom off the excess (perhaps have a threading job to clear excess hair just underneath) and deepen color from the center outwards towards the tail with a bit of brow pencil or brow powder.  A very tame bit of blending at the front towards the bridge of the nose may or may not be necessary depending on the look. 


2. Ylona Garcia 

Young, morena, and fresh, Ylona never fails to captivate with her charming look. Her makeup level is more often than not on-point thanks to makeup artist, Anthea Bueno.

The trick: It's a little tricky to define brows on morena girls because you need to intensify at times just a bit more because of their deeper skintone. At the same time, you can't go overboard because the brows might appear too masculine. Find a brow shade that matches your hair color or at least its mid-tone. Add product whether powder or pencil along the bottom mid-section of the brow and towards the tail end and a bit on the top of the brow stopping short of the front. Blend with a spoolie brush (or you can even keep a baby toothbrush with soft bristles handy, which is what Princess Diana's makeup artist, Mary Greenwell, still uses to groom those arches).


3. Chesca Garcia-Kramer 

Becoming a mom doesn't necessarily mean you ought to completely "let yourself go" because you have less time, it just means you have to prioritize a couple of more things more than others. Part of keeping your spirits high as a parent involves a reasonable level of personal upkeep.

The trick: Shaping those brows and keeping them from looking sparse play a major role in keeping your confidence level high even as a mom. Chesca's brows aren't as full or thick as other celebrities but hair growth at least still extends from the front to the tail. Using pencil or powder in the same warm tone as her hair gentle shading was done in moderate strokes, not using heavy lines so the texture of the brow hair still comes through. 


4. Maja Salvador 

The summer empress with the ultimate pair of beach-worthy brows for summer has got to be Maja Salvador. Who can forget the look Owen Sarmiento did for her cover on METRO's recent summer issue?

The trick: No one wants overly done brows on a summer beach outing, but your brows can still look trendy with a bit of clear or lightly tinted brow gel and upward grooming, light pencil work is acceptable but better with a water-resistant product. 


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5. Kathryn Bernardo 

The sharply angled arch doesn't always suit every single face out there. Sometimes, a gentle slant or curve is good enough. Kathryn's brows done by Justine Del Rosario are a great example.

The trick: Brows with a more gentle, less high arch leave a more neutral expression that exudes less intensity. It's still important for the brows to be generously shaded, even more so if the look is a smoky eye.


6. Jona Viray 

There's a slight exception to be made for more graphic brows when it comes to performance art or entertainment. Sharper, more graphic brows are more visible for audiences from afar, but it's still important to keep the defining work clean as a whistle and the brow hair naturally set in place. For birit queen, Jona Viray, makeup artist MJ Bornales kept the tail sharp (this is more easily done with a waterproof brow pen product) and the front of the brow moderately shaded.

The trick: Don't hesitate to use a deep, nearly black color even if singers or entertainers usually wear their false lashes pure black. 


7. Kira Balinger 

For a more youthful, sweet look on girls like Kira, brows should never be stiffly shaped, they ought to look more soft and romantic.

The trick: Lessen the need to "perfect" the front of the brow and let the hair there be. Gently shade and follow the natural shape of the brow with brow pencil or powder and an angled brush. Backcomb towards the front of the brow with the angled brush for more blending and spritz with a setting spray like MAC Fix+ for added longevity if oiliness and sweat tend to make your brows vanish throughout the day.


Check out this tutorial by celebrity pro UK makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury (who has done Kate Moss, Rihanna, and so many other celebrities) on how she plots out the perfect brow for a specific eye shape!


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