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The Six Fix: New Fragrance Combinations That Are Sure To Redefine Your Scent-sibilities

The Six Fix: New Fragrance Combinations That Are Sure To Redefine Your Scent-sibilities

If you’re one of the lucky ones who has already found your signature scent, congratulations—but while you’re so in love with your current fragrance, where’s the fun in sticking like glue to one? Allow yourself to go on a scent-sational journey by checking out new scents from time to time, especially when brands come out with limited edition collections because for sure these don’t disappoint. Case in point: The Bloomsbury Set collection of Jo Malone. We got to chat with Jo Malone's Joanne Bautista, regarding how to spice up different moments with these scents inspired by the iconic creative set of England—you’ll love this if you’re the type who likes switching up her fragrance!

The perfect every day scent… “On a daily basis, like when you’re going to the office, you could wear Tobacco & Mandarin because it's light, it's fresh, it's very clean.

For partying the night away… “If you are going out with friends at night Leather & Artemisia with Nectarine Blossom & Honey is great because while the first one is on the intense and sexy side, the second is very floral and light so the contrast works well, they complement each other.”

For the boys going out on a date…"Whisky & Cedarwood with Woodsage and Seasalt, very masculine but fresh and light as well so you don’t come on too strong.

For the free-spirited ones… "Blue Hyacinth can be one with English Pear & Freesia; this is also great for a chill day out, say when you go to the mall.

If you’re the ultimate femme… "Garden Lilies with Blackberry & Bay, very very floral and sweet.

Now let’s talk about fragrance showering. “After a lunch out and then you’ll go out to the office, you can actually refresh your scent—drop by our store and try our free fragrance showering service. You can spray all over your body, you can spray on your wrist, on your hair so that in any case you’ll smell really good.”


Cheers to more scent-sational days!


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Photographs courtesy of Jo Malone London / Jo Malone is at Greenbelt 5, SM Aura Premiere, and Shangri-La Plaza Mall








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