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In Focus: How To Boost Your Résumé This Summer Break

In Focus: How To Boost Your Résumé This Summer Break



Finally, it's summer vacation! We're pretty sure that you're raring to go on that much-awaited getaway (*cough* LaBoracay *cough*), soaking up the sun on a crowded beach somewhere or just staying at home doing absolutely nothing. But before you plot out your itinerary, here's something to think about: why not balance your time during your summer break between unwinding and achieving?

Yup, while it's sooo tempting to just laze around, streaming a whole load of TV series the whole day, you might want to consider making this summer count by thinking of your future career and improving your résumé. We're all for catching up on some zzzs and not thinking about anything, but why not do both if you can find time, right?

If you're up for the challenge, consider Chalk's tips below and increase your chance of getting the job of your dreams!

Get an internship. It’s easy to use your summer break as an excuse to relax at the beach or chill inside the house in your jammies, but it's also important to try and find some time to squeeze in even just a short internship this summer that’s related to your ideal job. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn about the working class and how it can do wonders for your future career.

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Establish your online presence. Whether you aspire to be a fashion designer, writer, or graphic artist, starting a blog can be a simple way of showcasing your skills and visual work. Who knows, it might even catch the attention of an employer who is looking for someone with your skill set! If you're interested to write, you can apply to become a Chalk Campus Correspondent!


Attend workshops and seminars. As a college student who hears a bunch of lectures almost every day, it’s quite easy to think that you already know enough. Truth is, though, there'll always be something new to learn—and you’ll be surprised by all the things that you still have yet to learn once you attend these kinds of talks.

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Do your research. We live in a generation where everything is just one Google search away, so you can easily kickstart your plans by reading up on others' stories. Find out what you need to accomplish that will help your long-term goals and start working towards them. Perhaps you can also use the Internet to connect with recent grads in your desired field who can share with you stories of how they landed their gigs.


Find a mentor. Career expert and author Heather R. Huhman claims that most new graduates are ill-equipped when it comes to entering the competitive job market because students often go to the wrong sources for advice. The key is to find someone who's familiar with the hiring process of your desired field. It can be a former professor, an experienced faculty member, or even one of your org's alums who’s willing to offer you useful pieces of career advice.

The road ahead is still long, and you need all the help you can get—not just from others, but from yourself as well. Once you're done with the beach, building up your résumé is surely worth your while and your vacation days!


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