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The Six Fix: Chic Church Dressing Tips To Cop From Kathryn, Coleen, Edward, Ylona and More

The Six Fix: Chic Church Dressing Tips To Cop From Kathryn, Coleen, Edward, Ylona and More

It's the middle of Holy Week and masses and worship services will be welcoming many Filipino church attendees over the next weekend.  Dressing to align with proper church decorum can be tricky for some who aren't conscious of the limitations.  In sacred territory, the unspoken expectation to dress modestly when amongst one another in church remains.  Here are a couple of simple, discreet, yet modern church-appropriate looks to cop from your favorite celebs during this time of reflection.  Modesty works when it's kept modern.

1. Isabelle Daza 

The color scheme of Belle's outfit is effortlessly organic and warm.  We love the relaxed feel of her sartorial combination and the modern, sophisticated vibe of her entire look.


2. Edward Barber 

Some well-maintained churches or chapels are air-conditioned and it can tend to be a bit nippy indoors.  To maintain comfort and focus, bring a smart looking jacket along.  A good-looking jacket quite often changes the game.


3. Coleen Garcia 

Long dresses are not old fashioned especially when on the minimalist side in a solid color and comfy fabric.  There's something quite "Japanese" and impeccably modern about girls in long shirt dresses like the one Coleen has on here, and hey, look, it's got a pocket, too, for good measure. 


4. Jericho Rosales 

There's nothing a good ol' classic, button-down shirt in a cool color can't deliver for a chill guy like Echo.  When it comes to smart casual sticking with classic pieces and rich colors keeps the gwapo notch way up there.


5. Kathryn Bernardo

High-neck dresses with short and slightly loose sleeves are a classy dress choice for church days.  Keep the colors in the range of muted hue or pastel shades for a summer fresh vibe.


6. Ylona Garcia 

Black doesn't need to be the color of gloom if you wear it in a certain style during Holy Week.  Ylona's pretty casual top with mesh detail is a fresh and mod choice for the summer allowing air to flow but keeping the look catchy and chic. 

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