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Daily Diaries: Fans Or Bashers, MayWard Appreciates Both Of Them—Here's Why

Daily Diaries: Fans Or Bashers, MayWard Appreciates Both Of Them—Here's Why

Love them or hate them, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber's meteoric rise to stardom is undeniable. Their current star status can be credited to not just their loyal and avid fans, but also to their bashers as well. You read that right: From the start of their career, Edward and Maymay already know the harsh realities of showbiz, and are totally cool with it.






Barely a year in showbiz, here's what MayWard has learned, and how they set an example when it comes to dealing with fans and critics, as they said during their interview at the 2017 MYX Music Awards:


1. Remember where you started. From their beginnings inside the Big Brother House to their careers post-Pinoy Big Brother, Maymay and Edward sincerely thanks their fans for being there for them, supporting every move they make. "Kung wala sila, wala kami dito, at hindi namin mararanasan ang mga bagay na ito," Maymay said.

2. Bashers are not telling the truth most of the time. Admittedly, Edward was hurt when he had his first taste of bashers during his Pinoy Big Brother stint. Nowadays, he knows that they can't affect him. "I bet you, 99% chance I would laugh kasi some of the bashes are so farfetched, so weird," Edward said. 

"Alam mo yun totoo, kaya deserve ko mag-enjoy dito sa kung ano meron ako," Maymay adds.

3. Treat fans and bashers equally. Be it positive or negative, MayWard treats everyone equally—bashers included. "Habang nagba-bash sila, mas lalo ako lumalaban," Maymay said, adding that bashers help her become a stronger person. After all, bashers can be funny at times, especially if you know what they are saying is mema. "Thank you for giving me entertainment for those who bash us," Edward candidly said.


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