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In Focus: This Stations Of The Cross Exhibit Brings The Lenten Season Closer to Millennials

In Focus: This Stations Of The Cross Exhibit Brings The Lenten Season Closer to Millennials

With the fast-paced lives of millennials, many would wonder: How can they squeeze in some of their time to reflect during Holy Week, marked as one of the most important seasons for Christians? The challenge for millennials to put in some time to reflect was answered by Church Simplified, when they came up with Walkway nine years ago.

Starting off as an exhibit of the Stations of the Cross on the top floor of Fully Booked, Walkway has evolved to a kilometer-long Stations of the Cross containing various activities for patrons to participate in understanding the true meaning of sacrifice. As people continue to flock Walkway every years, here's how Church Simplified made the Lenten season closer to people:


1. It's interactive exhibit concept. Making Walkway’s version of the Stations of the Cross unique is that participants engage themselves with various activities per station, containing different art installations depicting Jesus' journey during the Lenten season.. Whether it involves writing reflections on a piece of paper, leaving your mark at one of the murals, or reading through the description of each station, each of the activities offered per station encourages the participant to fully appreciate the meaning of the Lenten season.



2. You get to reenact some of Jesus’ journeys. Among the most-loved part of Walkway is the station where participants carry a replica of the cross Jesus carried in his journey. It may be a bit heavy, but what is a little sacrifice compared to what Jesus has done for all of us? Besides, it is the closest thing to experiencing what Jesus went through before being crucified to the cross.



3. It caters to different religions. Regardless of your faith, or whether you are agnostic or an atheist, Walkway's art installation approach makes every one join in the conversation about life's truths. "This meant that even people who wouldn’t consider themselves people of faith still engaged the church to experience the beauty of all the was created in the spirit of wanting to bless God," Church Simplified Spiritual Director Bebo Bharwani explained on how Walkway was born.


4. The location is millennial-friendly. Bonifacio High Street has been a rising hangout place for millennials these days, making the location of Walkway very ideal for those who choose to hang out in Bonifacio Global City with their family and friends this Holy Week. Also, with many restaurants nearby, family and friends could easily grab a meal after exploring the interactive exhibit.



5. A big surprise awaits patrons on the last day.  Aside from its interactive Stations of the Cross, Walkway has a few surprises come Easter Sunday. For Walkway's ninth year, they invited Christian-rock band Switchfoot to perform to perform once again. Ending Holy Week with a Christian-rock concert helps millennials in completing their reflection for the Lenten Season as they start the week after Holy Week refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the daily grind.

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