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In Focus: How To Travel In Ultra Chic Style According To The Stars

In Focus: How To Travel In Ultra Chic Style According To The Stars

A spectacular vacation is the sum of all its parts.  Careful consideration must be put into planning your dream expedition.  Introducing one or all of these luxury travel tips injects a touch of elegance to your travels,turning a humdrum holiday into an unforgettable getaway. 



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From taking in the striking contemporary skyline of Dubai from an exclusive rooftop lounge or listening to gentle waves from your private overwater bungalow in Bora Bora, picking the perfect destination is key to scoring an elegant expedition.  Locations steeped in art, culture, and history make for the best picks, injecting a splash of panache to your travel photos, as seen in Liz Uy's trip to Bhutan.


Your mode of transportation also speaks volumes about your journey.  Rather than using these for purely utilitarian purposes, amp up the style quotient of your sojourns with a luxury vehicle.  Heart Evangelista sails the seven seas in sophistication with an elegant yatch.


For land lubbers, scoring a sleek metal steed such as Jericho Rosales' vintage Ford Mustang is a great way to level up your roadtrip game. 



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A coordinated array of luggage offer both style and practicality to seasoned travellers.  Select timeless and quality statement pieces to take along on all of your travels for years to come.  Wherever you’re traveling, your suitcase should be as chic as it is secure, winning envious glances from friends, travel partners, and even complete strangers.  Take a cue from Gretchen Ho's purple ones: a pair that is definitely anything but the boring or industrial-looking suitcases of the past. 



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Appropriate OOTDs are essential to nailing the epitome of classy vacays.  A carefully curated wardrobe would not only win you sartorial nods, it also offers you comfort and ease so you can enjoy your environment to its fullest.  Sarah Lahbati positively stands out in her floaty, floral frock, with a wide-brimmed yellow sun hat providing the perfect topper to her feminine outfit.  Meanwhile, Jome Silayan slays cold weather fashion with his snazzy black ensemble of a black destructured coat and a corresponding newsboy hat.  



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Documenting your voyage for posterity is a must.  Each place you visit has its own particular look, character, and ambiance.  It is highly unlikely to remember the sights and sounds you have encountered in great detail.  Photographs are a great way to bring these and other sensations back, to trigger your memories.  A good quality camera would make for an ultimate travel buddy, as evidenced by Atom Araullo's snaps of jaw-dropping scenery and experiences.  


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