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Cheat Sheet: Going On A Getaway? Let The Stars Show You How To Keep Your Travels Stress-Free

Cheat Sheet: Going On A Getaway? Let The Stars Show You How To Keep Your Travels Stress-Free

This summer, we don't mind the scorching heat, the sunburn, and the long travels. Whether we may be enjoying our summer trips on our own or with friends, all we ask is a trip that is free of hassles and problems.


Make your trips as fun (and less stressful) as possible with these tried-and-tested tips from our favorite jet-setting celebrities:


1. Arm yourself with good music. Between visiting different places, there are times where you could not do anything because you are either in transit or waiting for the next attraction to open. To prevent boredom during this dull moments, Nadine keeps a music player (and headphones) containing all of her favorite tracks. Got a streaming subscription and an internet connection? Streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer has you covered with on-the-go music.


2. Get a physical map when possible. Getting lost can be a nightmare especially when you are visiting a place for the first time. In this day, the usual options would include our dependence on Google Maps with our mobile internet and pocket Wi-Fi. But face it, nothing beats having a physical map with you in times that the signal is down, or you are out of power. Take Liza Soberano's example, where she keeps a map handy in finding all of her must-visit attractions in Tokyo DisneySea.


3. Bring comfy shoes for walkathons. Travelling will definitely involve a lot of walking. From climbing stairs, transferring to different trains, to dealing with uneven pavements, no one ever likes to experience aching legs while travelling. When it comes to travelling, make sure to have at least two pairs of shoes that keep you comfy from all those walking. For Xian Lim, these brown boots are his go-to shoes while exploring Cambodia.


4. Invest in a good travelling bag. A bag is important as well to store souvenirs, extra clothes, and some food. In choosing a bag, you should invest in a bag that is durable, not bulky, and easy to lug around while travelling. For James Reid, his medium sized backpack fits the bill, carrying all of his essentials while having enough space for some shopping.


5. Research extensively about your desired destination. Before you get excited to travel, you should get a heads up on what to expect, what to bring, what not to bring, and when to book. Not all destinations can be booked as soon as possible; Erwan Heussaff explained that booking a trip in Niseko, Japan would mean booking several months in advance to push through with the trip.


6. Know all the forms of public transportation available. Also part of your research should include all modes of transportation; Aside from airfare, food, and accommodation, a considerable amount should be allocated for transportation. Most destinations offer various options, and it is up to you when it comes to choosing the most cost-efficient mode of transportation. For Maxene Magalona, who visits Japan frequently, using the subway is the most cost-efficient mode of public transportation (as compared to buses and taxis) when roaming around the streets of Japan.


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