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In Focus: True Wanderer Jericho Rosales on What Makes the Perfect Backpacking Buddy

In Focus: True Wanderer Jericho Rosales on What Makes the Perfect Backpacking Buddy



We all want to achieve our #TravelGoals, but there’s nothing more fun than having someone to tag along with us on our adventures and create unforgettable memories with. As you may know, though, finding a travel soulmate can be quite a tricky business. That's why we turn to travel enthusiast Jericho Rosales during an intimate Wrangler True Wanderer interview to give you valuable pieces of advice that could help you determine the qualities you need to look for when it comes to finding or being the perfect travel buddy!

1. Someone who has a lot of patience. They say traveling is a test of friendship because it puts you and your companion in situations where patience is often pushed to its limits. Who would want to end up clashing with someone on the road, finding yourself in trouble, and having your trip ruined just because you brought along someone who can’t deal? No one.


2.  Someone who travels light. With a small pack, you and your buddy can easily chase down a train or squeeze into the only bus left going to your next destination with no hassle. (Plus, it’s really best to travel light when you’re on the open road.) If your companion looks like he or she brought an entire wardrobe during the trip, that’d surely be impossible. 


3. Someone who keeps cool and street smart is important. It also really helps when you’re traveling with someone who knows how to read maps, look for the best hotels online, book airline reservations, and remain calm in the midst of emergencies.


4. Someone who doesn’t have a sensitive stomach. When you’re traveling, sometimes you’re going to find yourself eating unfamiliar food, that’s why it’s also important to consider whether your travel buddy can take it or not. You’ll save yourselves a whole lot of hassle searching for restaurants or bathrooms in the middle of nowhere.


5. Someone who’s not maarte. As Jericho said, “You can look maarte, okay lang ‘yon. Pero ‘di yung maarte talaga.” Yes, “looking maarte” and “being really maarte” are two completely different things. And it’s your duty to make sure that your travel partner isn’t the latter.


6. Someone who’s open to and respects people, places, and things. When you’re a newbie traveler, it’s important to be considerate of the cultures and beliefs of places you'll visit and people you're going to meet. The more open your travel buddy is, the more you’ll appreciate the adventure and find it even more exciting!


7.  Someone who knows how to take pictures. Because you have to admit, who woudn't want to bring along someone who can take good photos of you that you can cherish and look back to many years from now? Not to mention, who’ll instantly up your Insta-game? 


Now, if you're found your perfect travel buddy and you're ready to take on the open road, join Wrangler Philippines' search for the next True Wanderer! See posters and print ads for details.


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