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In Focus: Spreading Good Vibes Through Music With The K-Brass Band

In Focus: Spreading Good Vibes Through Music With The K-Brass Band

Music is powerful.  It is all around us; providing powerful stories, inspiration, and joy in its messages. On an emotional level, few can deny its intrinsic influence.  Music inspires soul searching and often acts as a springboard—reflecting and fueling the listener’s deeply personal spiritual longings.  Its ability to affect and enhance moods is, in fact, one of music’s greatest attractions.   It can transform an ordinary day into something magical, even spiritual. It can evoke strong emotions, provide solace, foster emotional release, and more. 



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It is precisely this universality of music that the K Brass band, a group of 13 sophomore engineering students from l'École Centrale Paris in France, hopes to harness in order to spread goodwill around the world.  “We are a jazz band, New Orleans style,” shares Louis Piquard, Music and Repertoire Director of K Brass.  “We play a very festive kind of music.  We have tried different styles of music before but this genre gives a special kind of vibe that make people dance and move to our beats.” 



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Originally their university’s brass band, the group has since evolved into musical ambassadors.  “Music is really a passion of ours,” shares Louis.  “It was a way for us to do an incredible project, maybe for the last time before we all start to work in our own careers.”   For this, they decided to source out different NGOs from all around the globe to help with their initiative.  It is an ambitious undertaking: six months of traveling to three different countries around the globe, spending two months in each place, to give underprivileged kids an avenue for creative expression.



Their first stop is the Philippines, with Gawad Kalinga facilitating the opportunity for them to teach in a local school in Bocaue, Bulacan, holding rhythm and melody workshops to help the students cultivate creative growth, discover latent talents and foster a deeper understanding of themselves. “We taught the students there some basics of music,” says Louis.  “We spent 2 hours every day holding the sessions.  We also had a recital at the end of our stay so the students can showcase the things they have learned.”  The band got a taste of Philippine life, immersing themselves in the local community and forging friendships along the way.  “The Filipinos have amazing spirit,” says Louis.  “It was very fun to spend time with the locals and the students.” 



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The band also toured some parts of the country by giving a series of concerts to promote their advocacies.  “It really was an awesome experience here in the Philippines,” shares Louis.  “There was so much we have learned from your country.  We hope to have the same kind of success in Madagascar and Paraguay.”


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