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The Six Fix: These Iconic Pinoy Films Are Perfect For Your Holy Week Reflection

The Six Fix: These Iconic Pinoy Films Are Perfect For Your Holy Week Reflection

No plans of going out this Holy Week? No problem! You can make your vacation meaningful by watching these iconic Filipino movies. These six movies we handpicked for you talk about different issues in our country—perfect for a few days of detaching from work and other things and reflecting on your life. 

 Start planning out your reflective movie marathon this Holy Week, stat!


1. Himala. Well-known across the world, this film is best remembered by Elsa's (played by Nora Aunor) line "walang himala!"—a line so simple, yet means a lot to all of us who are either experiencing hard times or are doing well in life.


2. Honor Thy Father Aside from John Lloyd Cruz's award-winning role in this movie as Edgar, what is more relevant is how it showcased different forms of theft, and how a father and husband is willing to give his all for the sake of his family.


3. MadrastaFamily squabbles are the norm in this generation, and this film gives emphasis on the importance of trust and love in the family, regardless of the situation at home. Even if Mariel (played by Sharon Cuneta) is a stepmother, she still made an effort to be close and understanding to her stepchildren (played by Claudine Barretto, Patrick Garcia and Camille Prats)


4. Ang Babaeng HumayoMarking ABS-CBN Chief Content Officer Charo Santos-Concio's comeback, this film presents the disparity between different classes, and why incidents like kidnapping and street crimes still happen up to this day.


5. Manila sa Kuko ng LiwanagAnother masterpiece from the late Lino Brocka, this film gives you a bigger picture of how the poor struggle in their daily lives as they move into the city. If you complain of your life right now, this film will make you think twice about your rants about life.


6. Tinimbang ka Ngunit KulangThis classic movie will enlighten you about the value of life, tackling sensitive issues on abortion and unplanned pregnancies, and the treatment of the marginalized class.



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Photographs screengrabbed from "Honor Thy Father" trailer and "Tinimbang ka Ngunit Kulang" movie.




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