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Cheat Sheet: Saw The 'La Luna Sangre' Trailer? Know More About KathNiel's Awesome Martial Arts Moves

Cheat Sheet: Saw The 'La Luna Sangre' Trailer? Know More About KathNiel's Awesome Martial Arts Moves

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla may be busy promoting their upcoming Can’t Help Falling In Love, but let’s not forget that they also have an upcoming teleserye entitled La Luna Sangre. We have already seen the trailer of the upcoming TV show, and most of us noticed the fight scenes, where Kathryn and Daniel showcased a few martial arts moves.


In order to do the scene, Daniel shared that they had to learn Wushu and Pekiti Tirsia Kali to make the fight scene realistic. For those not familiar, Pekiti Tirsia Kali is a combat-based Filipino martial arts style that makes use of edged, impact, and improvised weapons. You might just heard of the martial arts style now, but Pekiti Tirsia Kali is the preferred combat training of choice around the world by elite military and law enforcement units. Here's a demonstration of some moves under this style:


Being proudly Pinoy, the moves from Pekiti Tirsia Kali can be used in everyday life, especially in defending yourself from bad elements. Here's how you can make the most from this Filipino martial art form:

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1. Master the use of blades. Among the core teachings of Pekiti Tirsia Kali is the proper handling of blades and sticks, where movements include diagonal, horizontal or circular. Mastery of blade movements will help one's muscle memory, which becomes useful in situations where you will need to use unconventional weapons.

2. Learn to improvise. You can defend yourself with whatever item you may find within your surroundings. A flashlight, a piece of wood, or a blade--all these items can become a weapon and be used to your advantage. Don't have any? No worries, because as the saying goes "sticks are an extension of the hands."

3. Know the body's pressure points. Among the foundations of Pekiti Tirsia Kali is knowing the right angle of attack--crucial for stunning your opponent in order for you to get out of a bad situation. This tutorial gives you an idea of where to hit a person without killing them.

4. Be aware of your surroundings. With Pekiti Tirsia Kali being designed for combat and not for sports, learning it involves applying it in real life. This means that a student of Pekiti Tirsia Kali should be extra sensitive with their surroundings for bad elements and potential threats.


Should you want to learn more about Pekiti Tirsi Kali, visit Pekiti Tirsia Kali Pilipinas' Facebook page.


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