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Hot Stuff: 5 Reasons Why Kiana, Frankie, And Leila Are Growing To Be True Celeb Princesses

Hot Stuff: 5 Reasons Why Kiana, Frankie, And Leila Are Growing To Be True Celeb Princesses

Three girls with three celebrity parents are unsheathing fabulosity inch by inch. They may be known because of two dads and a Mega mom but getting to know Kiana Valenciano, Frankie Pangilinan, and Leila Alcasid has become easier than you think. Even as the daughers of  celebrities Gary Valenciano, Sharon Cuneta, and Ogie Alcasid, they keep it simple and let people in, and that warm, genuine openness is what a lot of people love about them and what keeps avid fans returning for the latest on these ladies. They've been coming out more and more online and on nationwide television, and fans can't help but look forward to the impact these three girls will be making. Here are a handful of reasons why we think Kiana, Frankie, and Leila truly reign in beauty inside and out.


1. Their number one accessories are their smiles. Ask almost any guy about what feature they appreciate on a girl and you'll find that a good number of them will answer "a beautiful smile." More than any man-made accessory on the planet, you're best armed with your ear-to-ear meter of happiness. These three girls never fail to fire their weapons and banish earthly darkness.


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2. Kiana, Frankie, and Leila dress to impress but don't fuss excessively. There's nearly nothing more unsettling to behold than someone who's tried way too hard to look good and catch people's attention. These girls care but not 'bout every single hair set in place. A bit of relaxation in fashion works to give off that effortlessly chic vibe. 

Leila and her details...

3. They're crazy talented and level-headed at the same time. The main thing that won't work even with a superb level of talent on board is a lack of level-headedness to manage and balance what you have to give. These girls have ultra doses of both what it takes and what extra you need to give. 

Leila, Frankie, and Kiana are all well-grounded and balanced girls strongly supported and yet lovingly critiqued by their parents and families. This helps ensure that they don't think of themselves more than they ought to.  


"Dad I'm taking a photo" "Kunware I'm your guard" HAHAHAHAHA ?? #KianaExplores

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4. They're just naturally gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeoussss. They don't need all "that." Sometimes, they need only to look or angle in order to slay you point blank.

5. They're good humored and can ham it up whenever they want to. None of these three like being too serious all the time and sometimes you just need to play a bit and loosen up in order to breeze through life and shake off the flak. There's nearly nothing more attractive in a world as jaded as today's than girls who know when it's time to lean back, be yourself, not sweat the small stuff, and have fun.


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