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Family First: 5 Mother-Daughter Pairs We'd Like to Tag-Along With On Vacation

Family First: 5 Mother-Daughter Pairs We'd Like to Tag-Along With On Vacation

You'll be hard-pressed to find a tighter bond than that of mothers and daughters who hang out and travel together frequently.  For many of us the comfort and assurance found in the company of our mothers is unmatched and the memories made during different journeys together are priceless. Here are a couple of mother-daughter tandems who inspire us with their unique bonds and varied ways of enjoying vacations or pockets of R&R. 

1. Andi Eigenmann and Ellie  

Andi and Ellie make an adorable pair.  One thing about being a young mom is frequently losing that energy in the middle of the day doesn't happen too often just yet.  Young moms still have that "kulit" vibe to match their offspring and it comes out delightfully well in photos. 


If you're in your early to mid-twenties and are already a parent to a little girl, spending as much outdoor athletic time with her as you can spare will lay a great foundation for her teen years.  In the years that you can, it would be wise to invest in keeping up with her!  Well-balanced kids who spend their energy happily and are brought to beautiful destinations with their parents make memories that solidify their identity.  


A couple of semi-out-of-town places with clean air and open spaces where you can bring your kids for that sweet energy burn are Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena.  The Fun Farm, for example has well constructed outdoor amenities for kids and even a sort of well-kept petting zoo where children can interact with animals and learn more about the world outside.


We love this cute shot of Andi and Ellie's dainty manicured and pedicured nails.  If your little girl happens to be envying your mani-pedi there are options with fun as a bonus!  Kidzania Manila in BGC have a lovely and little kids' salon where mini girls can spend Kidzos to have a manicure or earn by doing manicures on other Kidzania citizens.  For Kidzania Manila bookings click over here at


2. Ruffa Gutierrez with Lorin and Venice 

Venice is the youngest daughter of Ruffa and we noticed how she adores being near her mother most of the time, followed closely by her older sister Lorin.  Adventures out at sea with Mom while fun and precious can sometimes be exhausting towards the end...


...and suddenly turn into cat naps on Mom's lap.  When going on boat excursions with kids it's important to bring anti-seasickness weapons like chewable anti-nausea pills, mint candy or chewing gum in case anyone isn't used to the motion over big waves.   


A couple of places where a lot of celebrity families often go boating or having fun on the ocean are in Tali, Batangas, Cebu, Boracay, La Union, and in Palawan but only over certain places that aren't marine sanctuaries.  Check out affordable domestic travel packages over here made possible by Jeron Travel.


3. Lucy Torres-Gomez and Juliana 

Richard Gomez's two loves, his wife Lucy and daughter, Juliana are sweet traveling buddies who love taking photos together.  Even with little embellishment on their part they are naturally beautiful and inspiring individuals.  Sometimes, there is room for an inside joke...


 ...or the occasional flower-crown Snapchat selfie....


...and time to check which camera shots in between were the best ones.  Notice how gorgeous they both are even with minimal or no makeup at all.


For snap-happy pairs like Lucy and Juliana when traveling we recommend the use of the app VSCO.  It's a free high-end app with pro-level filters and editing tools to make use of with your mobile photos.  The one thing we love about it is it saves the photos in high resolution.


You can also use the app to edit or boost photos that aren't taken with your phone, too.  What's great is you can also create your own VSCO user album and have your own mobile photography site up for other VSCO users to see.  It is a favorite quickfire mobile photography editing app among thousands of amateur photographers and bloggers worldwide.

4. Cherie Gil and Bianca 

Cherie's beautiful daughter, Bianca Rogoff bears a striking resemblance to her but in a different way.  Bianca comes across a little bit more mestiza than her mother but still exudes the same down-to-earth and genuine vibe as Cherie does. 


Cherie Gil may still be at the top of her game as a film actress but that doesn't stop her and her daughter Bianca from experiencing provincial life in Palawan as authentically as possible.  Even when they miss their flight, good things happen like bumping into Mark Nicdao while waiting for adjustments in their itinerary to kind of sort itself out.  There's always time for a Mark Nicdao pictorial, what better way to feel better about missing a flight than a quick mother-daughter photo sesh by the man himself?

"The best things happen for a reason and This what I got after missing our flight ! From #elnido I bumped into THE Mark Nicdao (after so long) and got an instant pictorial! #lucky #noaccidents @markednicdao more cute pics up next .... waitlang :-)" - Cherie Gil

Traveling with a mom like Cherie Gil can be adventurous since she also occasionally takes time out to boost her horseback riding skills with equestrian instructor Renee Araneta from time to time in Bukidnon.  Riding is a bonus skill to have for any well-seasoned actress to have for versatility in movie roles. 


What a feeling !! Couldn't have had a better teacher ! #cowlgirling #bukid @reneearaneta

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If you're interested in trying out horseback riding like Cherie Gil but in Metro Manila, try exploring and inquiring via the Marikina Equestrian Center through their Facebook page here. 


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5. Marjorie Barretto and Julia

What we like about Marjorie and Julia's relationship as mother and daughter is there's an essence of barkada delight that is still molded by respect.  How cool is it that Julia actually invites her mother to some of her meet-ups with friends every now and then?


Julia also knows when it's your turn to take your Mom around for a good time after all the years that she's been there for you.


The Barretto babes are quite laid back when together on vacay.  We understand one thing made clear from seeing these beautiful women together in different places: Home is wherever your family is.  When traveling together you actually make different parts of the world your home for short periods of time.  We love that for Julia's 20th she decided to plan a laid back outdoor BBQ style party for friends and family.   All together still, nothing too stuffy or formal, just good vibes all around.


When traveling or staycationing (just in a different venue) if you want more of a homey feel and less of a touristy vibe with your family, instead of booking hotels check out home-away-from-home packages on Airbnb where ordinary people around the world offer other human beings like yourself a comfy, affordable place to stay.  There are different levels of pricing of course depending on the residence you choose and you can also opt to become and Airbnb host in the future if you have an extra space or property to offer tourist clients.  


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