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In Focus: Chubuff To Buff—These Celebrity Males' Weight Loss Stories Will Give You That Extra Push

In Focus: Chubuff To Buff—These Celebrity Males' Weight Loss Stories Will Give You That Extra Push

We’ve seen Erwan Heussaff, Raymond Gutierrez, Billy Crawford, Bobby Yan, and Geoff Eigenmann at their worst: Fat, lethargic, and unhealthy. They have been teased for their chubbiness in the past, and are hurt by it.

That's how Erwan and Raymond used to look like, before becoming the buff hotties they are today.


"Kahit anong mangyari, sabihin mo ba naman sa kapwa mo na chubby ka, nakakatawa, pero at the end of the day, you go back home and say totoo nga at hindi na maganda tignan,” Billy said in an interview with ABS-CBN on his weight loss journey

Back at a time where people would make fun of Billy's chubby look.


Fast forward to today, these former “Chubuffs” are now fitspirations in their own right—living a healthier lifestyle and being more dedicated with their workouts.

Their transformation from chubuff to buff is a work in progress: While they no longer look like their obese past, they continue to improve their regimen to keep themselves fit. These include starting off the day with cardio exercises:


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Doing modified workouts with friends:


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Winning basketball and jiu jitsu tournaments:

Bobby (right) with his basketball team mates.


 Even "Super Geoff" needs a good break from all those competitions.


And simply being proud of their physique:

 No wonder why Coleen Garcia is proud of her beau!


Should you be frustrated with your weight and overall body image, just think of this: If these hotties managed to change their lives for the better, so can you! Here are some tried-and-tested tips in losing weight and improving your life for the better:


1. Allot time for working out. For Raymond, it was difficult to stay committed at first because of his workaholic personality. However, as he saw the changes to his body, he slowly set aside time for working out despite his busy schedule. "You just really need to make time for it. If you don't, it's [change will] never gonna happen," Raymond said in his Vlog.

How often should one work out? Depending on one's goals, 3-5 times a week, one hour per workout session, is the ideal, with one day allotted for resting. For weight training, one should avoid doing weight exercises for more than two days in a row.


2. Have a strong support group. Having friends who are like-minded and living a healthy lifestyle plays a factor in having that extra push in completing a workout routine, as explained by Diana Navarro in Erwan's blog. "Working out with a friend makes it easier and it won’t even feel like a work out," she said.


3. Find an exercise or sport that you will love. For Geoff's case, his love for jujitsu is one of the factors how he keeps himself fit after being overweight back in 2013. Sharing his jujitsu career in Magandang Buhay, he explained that the sport has made him happy and feel relaxed. "May na-achieve, may sense of fulfillment yun buhay ko," Geoff said, adding that he also participates in competitions, winning medals in some tournaments.


4. Be mindful of what you eat. Bobby, Raymond, and Erwan attest to this: While a reduced intake of simple carbs has its benefits, this does not mean that one should avoid other forms of carbohydrates as well: One should be mindful of proper portioning as well! "So as long as you eat clean calories in their proper portioning, you’ll be fine," Erwan said, adding that he himself has cheat days amidst his healthy lifestyle.


5. Trust the process. Yes, it is hard and frustrating at first, but once you get a hang of it, you will thank yourself later on. Billy had to wake up as early as 5AM to start his workout. Raymond, on the other hand, was being pushed to the limit by his trainer Arnold Anion during workouts. Yet in both cases, they reaped the benefits of their hard work after several months of working out.

"What motivates me is that I see changes in my body, and that's what I'm looking forward to the most, and I know that the end result will be amazing," Raymond said in his vlog.


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