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In Focus: 15 Things Only Miriam Students Would Understand

In Focus: 15 Things Only Miriam Students Would Understand


By Faye Martinez
Chalk Campus Correspondent

MC, the home of the Knollers. No matter what goes on outside the school's gates, there are just a lot of things that only those from the inside would understand. No campus beyond our stretch on Katipunan is ever the same—and here are just some things that only Miriam girls would understand.


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1. The lady guards are the sacred gatekeepers. They are none other than the good-hearted ladies who are the gatekeepers between sanctions slips and begging to get off them.

2. No enrollment is perfect. You know it's time for enrollment when you start breaking out into a cold sweat. No time is wasted in gathering up your buddies in discussing the subjects to take and the coordinating schedules begin.

3. Room reservations are not for the light-hearted. Ah, being tasked (willingly or not) to reserve a room is no walk in the park. Like everything else in life, it's survival of the fittest in this case who gets to the kuyas at the third floor building of the SMT on a Monday to get first pick at the glorious rooms.


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4. Debates on the dress code. It's a tough job to raise a generation of women leaders, starting with the disagreements that ensue on the limitations of the dress code.


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5. The kubo is always occupied, so don't get your hopes up. One of the best places to eat lunch is at the kubo outside the cafeteria, good for meeting up with friends and catching up on the latest gossip. That is if you can find a vacant one without hordes of backpacks saving the place for their owners. 

6. Ghost encounters in the third floor restroom. It is said that in the ladies' comfort room on the second floor of the Caritas building, a nun haunts the bathroom and peaks over the stall to the horror of girls using the bathroom. A face can be seen when you look above the door, but there are no feet when you look below the door.


7. The time for clearance signing. Before the exams, every student is required to accomplish their clearance forms or they will not be permitted to take the exams. Some professors don’t require this, but for the few that do, the students go through the semestral ordeal of attending alternative activities and commencing the hunt for the student officers for signing.

8. Always answering “Women in service” to everything. At the start of freshman year, the phrase “Women Leaders in Service” is automatically ingrained into every student's consciousness (besides it being plastered on a poster at every room). The professors will never let this phrase be forgotten; hence, it being natural Knoller instinct to use the phrase in almost everything.


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9. Aside from food in the cafeteria, there's food in the parking lot. The caf serves delicious food, but for those who can’t afford the rather expensive prices, the food stall in the parking lot is a great place to eat. Although, don’t expect to find a seat because there are only a few of them. Often, students just bring the food inside to eat. 


10. Coffee is the only bae you’ll ever need. With a mountain of deadlines, hectic academic requirements, and extra-curricular activities, needing a little pep in the step to get the energy up and fight off sleep is the campus bae: coffee. Everybody knows where the life-saving vendos are, so making the journey with that heavy pouch of coins is a grueling task worth doing.


11. Everyone knows the prime sleeping place in the library; 'first come, first served' rule applies. One thing you don’t do is take another person’s sleeping place, especially if that person was there first. One of the golden rules is that if you see a foot or anything sticking out from the corner of the fiction section, then you turn back and look for another place to sleep.

12. You’ll never have to line up to use the restroom because there is a ton of them. In a female-dominated college, the restrooms are significantly more for females rather than males, so it's much more difficult to find a male comfort room in this school than anything else.


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13. The stereotypical Knoller-Atenean romance cliché. One of the tiring stereotypes of being in an all-girls school right next to Ateneo is that everyone—family, and friends outside of school—would, at one time, say, “Baka 'pag kita ko sayo may boyfriend ka na sa Ateneo.” Nice for some, but not for all.

14. Show some love (or not) to professors with the almighty SETLP. Whether you feel appreciation or irritation for your mentors, it all comes down to the much awaited and dreaded Student Evaluation of the Teaching and Learning Process where students evaluate their professors—the evaluation where tables are turned.

15. Who needs OLX or amazon when you have the MC Market? Whether you need textbooks, clothes, or the hottest and trendiest stuff, our very own MC Market is where students can buy and sell items and easily meet up around campus.


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