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Cheat Sheet: Road Trip Time! Celeb-Approved Activities You And Your Travel Buddies Can Do

Cheat Sheet: Road Trip Time! Celeb-Approved Activities You And Your Travel Buddies Can Do

It may be the start of the week, but for sure you and your friends are planning out ideas for a road trip to forget all the stress caused by the daily grind. While road trips entail several hours of being on the road, it need not be boring at all, especially with your friends. Check out what our favorite celebs love to do while on the road:


1. Play "I spy" while the car is moving. Challenge yourself and your travel buddies to this game, where you spot anything unusual along the road. Don't forget to keep a camera handy in case your friends fail to see what you have sighted. Enrique Gil may be one of those in-demand actors out there, but he himself is amazed when he spots campaign posters of him in unusual places. 



2. Take shoefies! Road trips would mean a few stop overs. Aside from the usual activities (bathroom breaks, lunch / snacks / dinner, and gassing up), take some time to take photos of the shoes you and your friends are wearing.  There are many ways to take a stop over shoefie; In Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona's case, this ledge along the road provided a perfect backdrop to showcase their sneakers.

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3. Make your own accommodation. Instead of finding a place to stay while on a road trip, do things differently: Make your own place to stay instead! A vast area laden with trees can serve as a good place to set up a tent, or in Jericho Rosales' case, a makeshift hammock. 



4. Go on a sing-along marathon. Don't be ashamed if you don't have that "singing voice"; singing along in the car with your travel buddies will make those long trips (and traffic-filled ones) fun! Who knows, they might like that song you are singing, like in the case of Kristel Fulgar and CJ Navato.


5. Gather together for a #squadgoals group shot. Along the way, you will find the perfect backdrop for a group shot with your travel buddies, with your car as part of the shot. The backdrop of choice for James ReidNadine LustreKiana ValencianoSam Concepcion, and the rest of their squad? The shoreline along Tali beach! (Hot tip: Make sure to have a selfie stick or a tripod handy so that all of you are in the photo!)


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