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Dining Delight: One Charming Nook Where Comfort Food Is Done Right!

Dining Delight: One Charming Nook Where Comfort Food Is Done Right!

In a hectic world, everyone deserves to stop and smell the coffee every once in a while.  When life sends some serious and unexpected curveballs, metaphorically having too much on our plates sometimes leads to an urge for filling actual plates with comfort food. 

There's something decidedly decadent about the promise of good food to deliver a perfectly timed pick-me-upper any time of the day.  Think, a morning rendezvous over a plate of bacon strips fried to perfection, a lunch time business powwow over a steaming hot skillet of sausages and hashed potatoes, or an early evening serenity session while enjoying an English muffin paired with a perfectly poached egg. 

These are just some of good vibes that Early Bird hopes to serve up with their latest offerings of supremely elevated comfort food.  Having pioneered the soul-satisfying concept of all-day-breakfast fares, this charming nook hopes to spread their special dose of sunshine through lunch and dinner offerings. 


Bacon Chicharon

 With their plush chairs, homey décor and cheery staff, Early Bird is the perfect oasis to seek a modicum of comfort.  Ordering one (or three, if you brought your appetite) is probably one of the best ways to turn the foulest of frowns into the brightest of smiles.

Three-Cheese Baked Prawn Thermidore 

 Their offering of prawns that seemed to groan under a creamy dousing of a three cheese sauce is wickedly decadent.  Forget about your diet.  This highly caloric affair is worth every sinful bite, leaving you hankering for more.    

Smoked Bacon Slab 

 Bacon with a side of poached egg?  Sounds common.  But, Early Bird has elevated the dish into sensual perfection.  Extra juicy and thick pork slabs were slowly roasted to maintain its characteristic tenderness.  The smooth yolk from the poached egg provides a silky counterpoint on subsequent bites. 

Egg & Cheese Burger

Their take on the classic cheeseburger features a jazzed up rendition of the old favorite.  A sunny side egg, crisp arugula, deep fried mozzarella, and a savory onion jam injects a dose of new textures while the patty retains everything beloved and familiar: robust, meaty goodness that packs a quite juicy punch.   Yearning to take this dish to a different stratosphere of luxury? Pair it with Butterbeer for that added oomph.

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Perhaps, it is their ability to awaken nostalgia for joyful moments of the past through their meals.  Maybe it's because their beautifully plated dishes are multi-sensory assault on our senses.  One thing is for certain: a trip to Early Bird is a definitive pleasure excursion that elicits joy in every bite. 

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Early Bird has branches in Bonifacio Global City, Century City Mall, Eastwood Mall, and Solenad 3, Nuvali.

Photographs by Jana Jimenez





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