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RECAP: The “Cool Kids” Filipinos love

RECAP: The “Cool Kids” Filipinos love

American Indie pop band Echosmith is back in the Philippines for the second time, and Filipinos do love this family act of a band. (READ: 5 Things You Need To Know About Echosmith)

Sierota siblings Sydney, Graham, and Noel, sparked up SM Aura’s Samsung Hall on August 13, playing their hit songs like “Cool Kids”, “Bright”, “Come Together”, and “Let’s Love”. Though they came incomplete, as their eldest sibling Jamie had to look over his pregnant wife Ana, the trio still pulled off an amazing night, to the delight of Filipino fans.

Yes, even their parents were there to support their performance, which is a good reason why Echosmith, or rather the Sierota family, embodies the importance of family, a key Filipino value.

Of course, who would not appreciate the multitalented Sydney, who sang and played the tambourine and show off a bit of her drumming skills at the same time?

Also, Sydney knows to keep her composure even if she forgot some of their song’s lines, even asking fans if someone took a video of the mishap, and her antics involving bouncers as her backup dancers.

Spoiler alert: Someone did took a video of Sydney forgetting some of her lines, and Sydney retweeted it!

Another spoiler alert: Yes, the bouncers did dance with Sydney!

 A day after their concert in Manila, Echosmith surprised their fans with "Let's Love", their latest music video:

Quoting Sydney, Graham, and Noel during the concert: "Kami ang cool kids at walang makakapigil samin". Yes, these siblings are definitely on a roll, and know how to be as cool as Filipinos as well!

*Special thanks to Renuel Fallore for the photos.




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