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In Focus: How to Sizzle Like Pia Wurtzbach in Her Most Gorgeous Swimsuit Moments

In Focus: How to Sizzle Like Pia Wurtzbach in Her Most Gorgeous Swimsuit Moments

Reigning in her kween bod, Pia Wurtzbach has still set the bar way up there for bombshell bikini splendor.  She totally slays in the realm of vital stats and the energy she projects is, by far, sexy confidence to utterly weep for.  We'd like to share a couple of bikini sizzling tips inspired by Pia for mere mortals like ourselves.

1. Choose a bikini style that will give you secure support and comfort.  If you are, suffice it to say, quite on the voluptuous side like our girl, Pia, it may NOT be advisable to go for strapless bandeaux bikinis.  To avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunction moments and to uplift "the girls," you can go for a halter strap bikini.  With this halter strap style, you'll be relieved of the annoying adjusting and fidgety "pulling up" action we all tend to do with strapless styles to carry our dignity.


2. If you're somewhat seasick of neon or bright bikinis, try metallic ones in a solid color like silver.  There's something super hot about the simplicity of Pia's metallic silver bikini and we like that it isn't a chrome metallic, just a subtle take on the finish.  Also, silver is a neutral color and will universally match with any skin tone; gold may vary or depend on the warmth of your skin. 


3. Don't think that it isn't sexy just because it isn't a string bikini, it's not always about less being more.  Who doesn't remember Pia's onscreen swimsuit moment during her Miss Universe pageant?  We think hardly anyone could turn away from the screen during that portion of the program.  Even in a more modest bikini, Pia was just as sexy because of the confidence in her walk, and how can we forget that angelic smile? 


4. Pia proves in this video that when it comes to swimwear, sexy is not necessarily only about the two-piece. Yamamay was an official international swimwear brand that sponsored the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant.  Awhile back they collaborated with NYC-based Albanian-American fashion photographer Fadil Berisha and brought Pia Wurtzbach on board, and the result was this particularly glowy and moist-looking swimwear that may have left you gasping for air.  


Beautiful new shoot with @piawurtzbach for @yamamayofficial @missuniverse @isabelnycmakeup @kacilleshi @marquis.bias @ivakozeli @artbyfadil

A post shared by Fadil Berisha Photography (@fadilberisha) on


5.  Lack of a good tan in swimwear isn't as quite as appealing in the tropics. Don't fear the sun, slap on protective sunscreen, and bask responsibly.  Sexy swimwear without a matching tan can look a little awkward.  If you're exposing much of yourself having a tan can act as a sort of imaginary "veil".  Putting on your two-piece bikini with zero tan can mentally feel like underwear, bringing on "dyahe" vibes.  You can psychologically feel more "clothed" out in the water or on the beach once you're nice and toasty looking.  Doubling up on that tan adds confidence, too, on shore. 


6. Try an unusual yet vivid color of swimwear for a change.  This is an oldie yet goodie shot of Pia pre-pageant particularly because we like the vibrant emerald green color of her bikini.  If partnered with a super good tan like in the previous tip that green would have looked even more stunning on Pia.


7. Make sure your swimsuit or bikini is a snug but not-too-tight fit.  One of the most annoying things is when you've settled for a bikini style that drew you in but was not exact when it came to your size and fit.  The last thing you want to be doing at the beach is pulling and adjusting your swimwear edges or straps.  It's painfully awkward to see someone adjusting the whole day.  Always go for a size that is just snug enough so you'll feel and look more confident, yet not too loose for comfort either so you can swim securely.  We hope you heed the latter so that you won't be left treading the water in your birthday suit when a wave hits you.  


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