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The Six Fix: Liza Soberano Ways To Enjoy Sunny Days

The Six Fix: Liza Soberano Ways To Enjoy Sunny Days

It's a little strange and bewildering that in the beautiful world we live in now, because of aging beauty concerns a lot of people are completely avoiding the sun. Summer comes around and sun damage talks flood the scene. Some sun damage topics are sensible and some way too serious, followed by an overreaction of avoiding the sun... but there are those who still know how to enjoy this time of the year while staying on track in terms of taking care of their skin.

Such is the case of Liza Soberano, who may be super busy with her career but every now and then, she's shown us that the sun isn't something we need to desperately fear and she also gets some outdoor time. Here are times when Liza showed us there's more to life than all living in our own little roofed "boxes":


1. When dining al fresco. Certainly time under the sun is more fun when sharing with someone. Dining al fresco in a scenic place channels all sorts of good vibes and bonding opportunities for people. Why stay stuck in an airconditioned restaurant when there's so much sun and sky to enjoy? 


2. When heading out so your OOTD is actually seen, not just from a selfie. It's funny how millions of people post OOTD pictures but you actually wonder if other people actually see them wearing it. Head out and show yourself, woman! Arm yourself with sunscreen and shades and you're set to go. If you're wearing neutral-hued clothing, bring along a bag with a pop of color.


3. When simply hanging out and having fun photo-ops with friends. Photos and selfies are definitely more interesting when you're outside beneath the sky. There's so much more color and life in the great outdoors, and there are less setup blues when you want to compose great pictures. "All the world's a stage," as Shakespeare said. You just have to find a particularly uncrowded well-lit area and start being yourself and snapping away.


4. When it's time to get sporty the world is one big playground. Outdoor sports can help you get your fit fix plus give you a tan to show off. Want to work up a sweat? Take your board, racket, ball, or whatever it might be and head out into the open to do sports. There's nothing like giving your body some "me time" and at the same time gaining the opportunity to make new friends.


5. When bonding with pets, outdoor time boosts their mood, burns their energy, and keeps them happy. Pets are never happy when they're cooped up for too long. Take along your furry friends when you travel or even just down the street or to the neighborhood park once a day or at least more than half the days in the week and you'll find them misbehaving less at home. Happy pets are more well-behaved pets, in that sense they're not dissimilar to human beings.


6. When trying to get a good essential dose of Vitamin D. Did you know that the sunlight is also around to help trigger Vitamin D production in us? Babies are brought out in the morning for that very reason. There isn't enough Vitamin D in the consumption of food and supplements to get the right amount for us to have. It involves a balance of outdoor exposure, what we eat, and supplements since the world's environment has certainly changed.

"Vitamin D deficiency (the lack of it) has now been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, depression, weight gain, and other maladies." - Daniel J. DeNoon, WebMD 


People can get their dose of Vitamin D under the sun in half the time it takes before they get a sunburn, as Vitamin D release is triggered by limited UVB in sunlight through the skin and secondly through diet and supplements. Get your dose of sun in limited times during the day (limited exposure okay as opposed to prolonged exposure), plus there are so many sunscreen products today, SPF 45 and higher even, that can protect the skin from burning while you responsibly submerge your beautiful self in the sun's rays during the right times of the day. If you have fair skin, it's best to avoid the hours of 10AM to 4PM; you can offset or cheat a little by an hour or two but be sure to wear sunscreen with higher SPF. Remember: People enjoying sunny days are happier in many ways!


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