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Hot Stuff: Get to Know The Newest Pop-Rock Band You'd Want to Stan!

Hot Stuff: Get to Know The Newest Pop-Rock Band You'd Want to Stan!


If you haven't heard of The Tide, the fast rising quartet from Los Angeles, and their addictive hits "Young Love" and "Click My Fingers," then you're definitely missing out on all the fun! Chalk sat down with the boys, Austin Corini, Levi Jones, Drew Dirksen, and Nate Parker for a quick catchup at their press conference at Hard Rock Café in Glorietta when they were here in Manila. We talked about their humble beginnings, their new EP, and what they think of their Filipino fans (clue: we're definitely one of their faves!). Keep reading and ready your hearts because you're about to fall for these cuties hard!


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Can you tell us the story of how the band was formed? We read that you came from different backgrounds. What was it like coming together for the first time? Were there any memorable moments during the first meeting?

Austin: The first time we ever met, Levi was hanging out with this other kid who was also trying to be in the band. You guys played, like, “What Are The Odds” or something? So he had to jump on the pool with his underwear. Ha ha!

Levi: It was 1 o'clock in the morning and the pool was closed! I did hop the fence and jumped in the pool.

Austin: His friend basically ran away with Levi’s clothes and he was trapped in the pool!

Levi: And I was trapped outside the door. In my underwear. Freezing. The door was locked, I was trying to get in, and they finally let me in. They were filming the whole thing. I was like, “Okay...”

Drew: And we were formed. We were all from different places originally. Austin was on The X-Factor US, Nate and Drew were in a band together, and I was doing videos on the Internet. We were all found on YouTube. The Vamps’ management put us all together. We all flew out to L.A., and we all just kinda tried out to see if we could all be cool together, like friends! We just meshed right away, so that was pretty much it. Ever since, the four of us have been rocking out.

What were the first things you bonded over?

Levi: All Time Low! I remember we were in Austin's car driving to Chipotle.

Austin: We had Chipotle every day, every day!

Any surprising things you've discovered about each other while on tour?

Levi: I think we know everything about each other now—literally everything. We could probably embarrass each other so bad.

Austin: I would say, the cool thing about Nate is that he learned how to play drums on Rock Band. Nate also really likes to hang out with me and listen to what I have to say—I can talk for a very long time! He's a really good listener and I appreciate that about him. 

Drew: Levi is the most competitive person I have ever met in my life. If you have any competition thing, he'll win it.

Levi: I'll win it all!

What music did you grow up listening to and what influenced your music now?

Drew: My influences have always been pop punk music. My favorite bands are Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, We The Kings, Panic at the Disco, and everything like that.

Levi: Growing up, it was pretty much like that. I also listen to other music. Ed Sheeran is my biggest inspiration 'cause, obviously, I started playing acoustic guitar. When I started playing, I taught myself all his songs. That was a big part of my music life.

Any guilty pleasures you listen to?

Nate: Lady Gaga!

Drew: Katy Perry!

Austin: Bebe Rexha—she's super cool.

Levi: My guilty pleasure is country music. I'm from the middle of nowhere and I used to hate it growing up because that was all I heard—I wanted to get out of there. But, now that I've been everywhere in the world, when I listen to it, it's like I'm home.

What are your future plans from now?

After this, we—re going to the UK to do a headlining tour. And then we're opening up for The Vamps, so we’re sticking around UK. We also have an Amsterdam tour. We're working on going around the world, but our album is the really big focus for us right now. We're basically about to start dropping some new music, so we want to kind of feel where all that music goes and how much people like it, what they're into, and kind of plan around that.

What sets your Filipino fans apart from your other fans around the world?

Levi: They’re definitely the loudest!

Drew: We have those in-ear things that pretty much lets us hear our instruments. Through those, you can still hear the fans screaming.

Austin: Definitely the most passionate.

What’s your message to Filipino fans?

Drew: We love you guys. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Austin: Honestly, thank you so much for the support. You guys are 100% the reason why we're here.

Nate: We hope that you have us back as well!

For more on The Tide, log on to their Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram!



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Banner Photograph from The Tide Official / Special thanks to Ayala Malls and Jenny Gapan and Danica Lloren of Visions and Expressions Public Relations




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