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In Focus: How To Grow Your YouTube Audience According To These YouTube FanFest Influencers

In Focus: How To Grow Your YouTube Audience According To These YouTube FanFest Influencers


Since YouTube was founded in 2005, the number of rising young stars getting recognized for their incredible talents has increased drastically. Thanks to the site, we were able to discover some of the most creative, most entertaining, and simply amazing individuals who have made an impact on us one way or another.

Most people want to be YouTubers because it's a surefire way to get their art and their message across, but what does it really take to be a YouTuber? We figured there's no better people to answer these questions than the incredibly talented influencers who participated in the recently concluded YouTube Fanfest in Manila! They've all successfully attained the title of "Youtube sensation," so if you're an aspiring Youtuber or digital influencer, get ready to take down notes and see how they've made it to where they are now!

1. Strive to have have an original point of view. “I think YouTube has [attracted] a lot of people who want to be YouTubers today because they want to be rich and famous, but it’s not about fame. If you want to be on the platform, you have to have, first and foremost, a point of view. You should have something original to say and a passion that you want to share with the world. Let that be the main point of why you make videos—and not because you just want the money.”–Lilly Singh a.k.a. Superwoman, YouTube comedian and inspirational vlogger


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2. Be passionate. “It’s important that you're passionate about what you’re getting into. Because when you’re passionate about it, it'll be harder to lose motivation—that's number one. Your love for your craft will make you own your content and that's what will separate your content and make it different from anybody else's.“Janina Vela, Filipina beauty and lifestyle vlogger


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3. Find something that makes you unique. “That’s for any art form, but for dance in particular, there are so many incredible dancers and choreographers on YouTube. What I found as my niche was that I can take routines that are difficult to non-dancers, but I break them down in a way that anybody can learn it—so that’s kind of the way I want to put my brand as. 'You don’t know how to dance? Well, I didn’t start dancing 'til I was 18. It's possible. Here's how you do it.' And I kind of connected with people through that."—Matt Steffanina, L.A.-based hip-hop dancer and choreographer 


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4. Aim not for virality, but for consistency and passion. "Passion is definitely number one. I've got two very unrelated channels: I've got a comedy channel and a channel about ants, of all things. I was just passionate about it—and it turns out my comedy channel became the bigger channel. So [your channel] can be about anything. You just have to aim for consistency, not virality, and stick to it. Eventually, you'll succeed."—Mikey Bustos, Filipino-Canadian comedian and singer


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5. At the end of the day, just be yourself! “You just have to be yourself, enjoy what you're doing, and just be passionate about it. It doesn't have to a big production. I, myself, just started with a very simple video singing in the car with my phone in front of me. From there, it just grew. I didn't expect anything. Before, I was only known as an actress, but YouTube is a big part of my career now. I'm very thankful.”—Kristel Fulgar, Filipina actress and YouTube singer


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6. Don’t forget to have fun. “For me, personally, what’s important is just to have fun on YouTube. When I first started out, I was more concerned about posting my content and updating my music. I kept on finding songs to cover and I was so caught up in doing that I forgot to kind of have fun with it. When I decided to have fun, I started making a lot more music than I used to before!"—Jun Sung Ahn, Korean YouTube artist/violinist 


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Being a YouTuber entails a lot of hard work and dedication, but what's most important is that you get to have fun while pursuing your craft. Your genuine zeal for whatever it is you want to show to the world will attract more subscribers than if you set out doing a video with the intent of going viral. Remember: enthusiasm goes a long way!

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