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In Focus: 3 People Who Will Surely Inspire You to Dream Bigger Dreams

In Focus: 3 People Who Will Surely Inspire You to Dream Bigger Dreams



At some point in our lives, we all experience that moment when we feel lost and confused, searching for and trying to find our life's purpose. It's a scary prospect, sure—how can ever figure everything out? While uncertainty is inevitable, that doesn't mean that we should give up on chasing our dreams and pursuing our passions. 

These inspirational people we're about to introduce to you proves that even the most successful people have experienced the same doubts we have, and you'll see from their achievements just how perseverance and courage play a big factor in success!


Aisa Mijeno

After working as an engineer for two years, Aisa felt empty. No matter what she did, it still felt like it wasn't enough. An environmental advocate, Aisa then decided to quit her job and pursued one of her interests: hiking. She climbed a number of mountains across the country and stumbled upon Butbut, the Kalinga tribe that would forever change her. She learned that the natives had to walk 12 hours to reach the nearby towns so they could buy kerosene for their lamps, which they relied on to do evening chores. After living with them for a few days, she became determined to make their lives easier and came up with the idea to invent the salt water-fuelled lamp.

Aside from bringing glory to the country when former US President Barack Obama and Alibaba founder Jack Ma lauded her ingenious invention at the 2015 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit, her achievement has also made the lives of many Filipinos easier with the production of the lamp through her company, SALt (Sustainable Alternative Lighting).



Aisa's advice to the youth: "If you're going to dream for yourself, please include the country in it. Because who is going to dream for our country but us? The youth is the future of this country."


Jonathan Joson

Despite having a degree in Economics-Honors and Management Engineering, Jonathan eventually found himself venturing into the world of digital marketing. Thikning he'd be wasting the five years he worked hard on his degrees, he doubted whether it was the right path for him to take. He was soon proven that digital marketing was for him when the quantitative skills he acquired from his studies proved to be an edge, making him one of the best digital marketers of his generation. Jonathan now works at Google as an Industrial Manager.

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Jonathan's advice to the youth:  “It doesn’t matter how good you think you are. It’s how you create value for other people, whether it’s a company or the country or the world. You are there to create things, you are there to make things better. And that’s how you progress in any career you choose.”


Garrett Gee

Although he made $54 million after Snapchat bought his app Scan, this young tech entrepreneur refused to keep steady. He decided to lock up his savings and started from scratch. Since he didn’t want a job that would make him sit in front of a computer the whole day and take his time away from his family, he decided to invent a job. Becoming an “adventure and travel journalist” that incorporates his passion for travel and photography while being with his family and serving others through humanitarian efforts was just perfect for him—and, so far, he's been really successful at it! Check out his adventures on The Bucket List Family!


Garrett's advice to the youth: "Don't get comfortable. Comfort never was happiness. It might feel comfortable for a little bit, but that's when your life stops. If you stay uncomfortable, you can face your fears and keep trying new things. That's when life progresses, that's when life gets better.” 


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