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In Focus: 5 Times Piolo Pascual Shifted His Hairstyle For Movie Roles And Charmed Us With Each Look

In Focus: 5 Times Piolo Pascual Shifted His Hairstyle For Movie Roles And Charmed Us With Each Look

Over the years, dear "Papa P," as he is called by many, has sported a number of hairstyles throughout his movie career: Some in particular are more memorable, others we are somewhat glad he's outgrown (he may agree with us). As hot as Piolo is, though, he still looks as charming as ever in nearly any hairdo, whether somewhat dated or not...


1. The Long-haired Lover in Don't Give Up on Us (2006) with Judy Ann Santos. Who can forget Piolo's Legends of the Fall-ish look on Don't Give Up On Us as Vince? The length of his hair probably had to match the enduring length of his patience with high-strung, city-dwelling career girl Abby played by Judy Ann Santos. He's got a bit of that George Of the Jungle outsider vibe flowing in certain scenes. 



2. The Suave Man Crush NBI Agent cast in On the Job (2013). When Piolo portrayed morally-challenged NBI agent and attorney Francis Coronel in one of Philippine cinema's hottest action movies to date, we couldn't help but notice the hair. It was just long enough to warrant the label "man crush" but not too long so at least he didn't look like a narco double agent. Francis' stoic yet alert and conscious vibe echoes Eric Bana's Mossad assassin role in Spielberg's Munich (2005).


3. The Guy Who Was Supposedly History in Starting Over Again (2014). Remember that very conservative History professor who was practically "pounced" on by a student way too openly in love with him for her own good? Marco and Ginny had one for the books when they got together, but the reality of choice pulled them apart. Here in this movie, we see Piolo looking a lot less "out there" pre-breakup, sporting a neat 'do lacking all spontaneity. That changes slightly when Ginny and Marco see each other again but our point is, that crazy girl fell for him in school with this look. 


4. The OFW Spouse With "Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang" Feels in Milan (2004). The story of Milan is already as complex as can be, a guy goes abroad to Italy in search of his wife (Iza Calzado) who is working as a domestic helper. He then of course meets another beautiful Filipina girl named Jenny who is able to speak Italian. Their getting to know each other through his search for his wife brings the painful reality to the surface, that they are both slowly falling for each other. We think with a winding-road story like this, Piolo's hair was left simple and slightly textured at best.


5. The Rogue Cool Dad Just Chillin' in Northern Lights: A Journey to Love (2017). Piolo's talking point-undercut ponytail look has a split mix of "yays" and "nays" all around, but generally we feel he makes it work. Some of us are slightly wondering how his character in the painfully cold climate of Alaska can actually bear to have his scalp exposed... The answer came in two words: He's hot. Northern Lights: A Journey to Love  opens in theaters today, March 29, 


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Photographs from,, screencaps from Northern Lights: A Journey to Love trailer, and the Milan HD restored trailer




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