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In Focus: Why We Adore the #MayWard Tandem

In Focus: Why We Adore the #MayWard Tandem



When British-German cutie Edward Barber and quirky girl from Cagayan de Oro Maymay Entrata first made viewers kilig on Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7 , no one could've ever imagined just how big the tandem would become.

Aside from the fact that it's interesting to see how two people with different nationalities and cultures connect, it's even more amusing to watch how these two communicate with each other despite the language barrier. If anything, MayWard just proves that those things don't really matter because friendship and connection go beyond language and cultural barriers. Here are some more reasons why we just can't help but adore these two young rising stars!

They’re both funny and crazy. This is what Maymay thinks people love about them: When she was asked why fans voted for them as the Pop Love Teens at the ASAP Choice Awards, she just said, “Baliw din [si Edward], baliw din ako, kaya lahat siguro ng bumoto, baliw din… Baliw na baliw sa pag-ibig.” Squee!


They make awesome music together. If you've heard MayWard's original song, "Baliw," then we're pretty sure your heart also exploded after listening to it. These two look undeniably cute as a pair, but they're even more adorable when making music together! 


Their chemistry is unreal. The way these two deeply connect with each other through their friendship just can't be put into words. We can't deny that there's definitely potential—it's not too impossible that these two young stars go beyond their "close friends" status with their unbelievable pull—both to each other and their fans!


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They wear their hearts on their sleeve. Despite being a joker, Edward isn't afraid to show his emotional side, especially when he’s talking about his family, and so is Maymay. What makes these two even cuter is the fact that they seem so different yet so similar!


There are so many things we're obsessed about Maymay and Edward, but we want to hear from you, too! What do you love most about MayWard? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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