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In Focus: The Films That Best Depict Your College Major

In Focus: The Films That Best Depict Your College Major



College can be a tough ride—that's why you need a little inspiration from time to time as you fight the constant battle of beating deadlines, doing countless presentations, and relying on caffeine to aid you when you pull all-nighters.

Unfortunately, those cups of coffee, no matter how strong they are, aren't always enough. You still need more to stimulate and motivate you amidst all the difficulties college life brings. 

For those times that you feel like you're running out of inspiration, a great idea is to take a break and put on a movie that you can actually relate to. Here, we've rounded up some of the best films that will match your particular struggle to give you that much needed boost this coming school year! 

Engineering: 3 Idiots

This Bollywood film perfectly summarizes the engineering life: academic pressure, unrealistic expectations, and high anxiety levels. You'll surely find be able to relate to it, so you can draw inspiraiton from the creative and unorthodox ways Rancho deals with the challenges of being an engineering student. It's a movie that will inspire you and tickle your funny bones like no other!


Accounting: The Accountant

Don't mind what the critics say about this film because this movie perfectly captures how brilliant accountants really are! After watching this film, you'll realize how massive your role can be in society—no matter how tedious and laborious your tasks may seem. 


Psychology: A Beautiful Mind 

This poignant, emotionally charged film about the life of a brilliant academic who suffers from schizophrenia will stun you and help you fathom the complexity and wonders of the human mind. Whether you're a psychology major or not, this story provides valuable lessons on self-awareness anyone can benefit from. 


Education: Dead Poets Society 

Take it from Robin Williams' character in this movie: inspiring your students is the best way you can help them learn. He was often reprimanded due to his unorthodox ways of teaching, but these unique methods are what made his lessons unforgettable to his students.


Communications and Journalism:  Spotlight

When you're a reporter, it's essential for you to be factual and honest—and there's no other better film that will show you how it's done than Spotlight. This flick will teach you the value and honor that come with pursuing the truth and nothing but the truth, and show you how you ought to work as a journalist or reporter when you become one someday. 


Medicine: Patch Adams

If you're an aspiring doctor or medical practioner, Patch Adams will show you how important it is to be a skilled and competent professional. He will also make you realize that, more often than not, what patients need is a companion who will help alleviate the burdens of their soul—and Patch Adams did an excellent job doing just that.



Information Technology or Computer Science: The Social Network 

IT and ComSci peeps may seem like theychill lives as they sit in front of a computer screen all day, but the truth is their jobs actually play a larger role in our lives than anyone could ever imagine. Considering how technology is a part of everyone's day to day, they could either connect or disconnect the world and make or break the way we perceive things through their mad computer skills without us actually knowing it—0just take a look at how Facebook mastermind Mark Zuckerberg did it in this movie. 


Fine Arts:  Seraphine 

A diligent housecleaner by day, a magnificent painter by night, this movie will make you realize that you can never underestimate anyone—no matter how lowly they may seem. This also teaches us that poverty is never a hindrance to do something you really love. You'll absolutely be stunned at Seraphine's amazing ways of finding resources just so she can practice her love for art and painting. 


Music: Whiplash

Every musician knows how crucial and brutal practicing can be. After watching Andrew, a student drummer who has been subjected to elite jazz training hell by tyrannical instructor Fletcher, you'll realize that there's no easy way to become a successful musician. It's only through mastering your craft with absolute hard work and passion that you'll be able to achieve it. 


Economics: Moneyball

At first glance, you may think Moneyball would be just another baseball movie, but don't be fooled. This film actually tackles economics and will delight anyone taking it up as their major. The way Ivy League Economics graduate Peter Brand literally saved a dying baseball team with his economic skills will surely astound you! (P.S. It was first job—and he killed it!)


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