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In Focus: Alice Dixson, Ina Raymundo, And Mylene Dizon Make Forty, Foxy, And Fabulous Look Easy

In Focus: Alice Dixson, Ina Raymundo, And Mylene Dizon Make Forty, Foxy, And Fabulous Look Easy

Lookin' better than ever, ladies! With these stars making 40 look like the new 20, it seems that age has made very little impact on their amazing physiques. Partnered with healthy eating and a liberal dose of discipline, anyone can score a body like these ladies. Steal some of the stay-fit secrets of these ageless A-listers with workout routines that are easy to squeeze into any busy schedule:


At 41, Mylene Dizon positively sizzles as she surfs across the waves of San Juan, La Union. She also doesn't look like she's given birth to two children, so she's clearly doing something right.

Mylene Dizon 

Having surfing as a hobby helps keep her in tip top shape, as the sport engages most of the major muscle groups in the body. However easy it might seem, surfing entails engaging your core, superb body mechanics, and a great sense of balance. To achieve this, incorporate this routine for building up coordination and ramping up your cardio. This one in particular incorporates dynamic movements that not only torches calories but also tones your whole body for that sleek surfer look. Bonus points for being 10 minutes long! 


At 41 with five kids, Ina Raymundo is in amazing shape! Though it's been more than two decades since her spectacular debut as everyone's favorite "Sabado Nights" girl, the star still has what it takes to stomp out the competition with this sleek black one piece.  

Ina Raymundo


Ina mixes up her fitness routines with a variety of workout programs like Zumba and circuit training, among others. While having a gym membership is ideal, it is not neccessary to score a defined physique like Ina's. With no equipment, this quick workout can be done anywhere. A series of dynamic movements targets every muscle in the body and a snappy tempo revs up the cardio quotient.  


Alice Dixson proves that she could still make a splash as she shows off her toned bod in a blue bikini. The 47-year old stunner, famous for playing iconic mermaid Dyesebel in the 1990s, looked spectacular as she frolicked in the crystal waters of Palawan in 2016.

Alice Dixson


The actress keeps a very active lifestyle, crediting her dad for instilling a lifelong love for sports like running, biking, badminton, and swimming. Alice also combines strength training for total-body toning with hot yoga and cardio workouts to stay lean. Score her svelte figure with this power yoga workout sequence that combines the benefits of strength training, yoga, and cardio into a 20-minute session.  


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