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In Focus: 7 Reasons Why MayMay Entrata Has The Makings Of A Style Icon

In Focus: 7 Reasons Why MayMay Entrata Has The Makings Of A Style Icon

Pinoy Big Brother Big Winner MayMay Entrata is on a roll: In the last two weeks, we've noticed a steady cue of shoots, events, and editorials have landed on MayMay's doorstep. She's in the fast lane of opportunity now, and as of the moment she's not stepping on the brakes and is very grateful for what has come her way. Plus, during the latter weeks of her PBB journey, we also already spied some sartorial potential with this Cagayan De Oro cutie...


1. MayMay is confident with her body and her figure is similar to the petite frame of Audrey Hepburn who designers adored working with. While the world is slowly beginning to accept varied body types to model clothing, it's still a well-known fact that slender and slim figures are still the general standard today (fact: most clothing samples are done in really small sizes hence the proliferation of skinny models).


2. She's good at dancing and probably potentially good at posing. Dancers are capable of posing well very easily, so MayMay should be able to pick up some posing tricks as long as someone is willing to spend time and train her. Even in singing, as MayMay demonstrated on Gandang Gabi Vice, she's not that far off from being pretty good if you happen to throw in voice training. MayMay is potentially a "triple threat" (In the entertainment industry, particularly in theater, there are talents who are called "triple threats" among their colleagues, a term mentioned online by theater actor and Rak of Aegis musical director Myke Salomon, which refers to entertainers who are able to perform optimally on all three levels: Acting, singing, and dancing) depending on how she pushes and develops her talents.


3. MayMay has a wide range of facial expressions in her arsenal, from happy, wacky, to dramatic or sorrowful. To be able to display a wide range of emotion for photos as well as video is a huge plus when modeling. MayMay may lean towards being an actress, but she's obviously very versatile. 


4. She has a beautiful morena complexion to inspire and affirm girls who have that tropical tone. Under these sunny skies, Filipinas bask in their deep-skinned glory and MayMay certainly has that morena maiden appeal. 


5. She has that sunny Filipina smile, full of joy and positive energy. MayMay is a great ambassador of Filipina cheer with that beautiful smile of hers. Plus, cameras just love her bright eyes!


6. She gets along with the people around her and works through friction in friendships, like she did with Kisses even when Kisses wouldn't talk to her initially. The style and media industry is a tough one, you get to work with all types of personalities and every now and then people don't get along. Having seen herself through to the end on PBB, it's apparent that MayMay endures through conflict.


7. She looks good in a variety of tailored style pieces and fabrics fall pretty well on her. In style, it's all about how well your clothing fits and how you carry it to the next level, something MayMay is way more than able to do. 


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