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The Six Fix: Quirk Quotient Pointers We Can All Learn From Andrea Brillantes

The Six Fix: Quirk Quotient Pointers We Can All Learn From Andrea Brillantes

Let's face it: We're all a bit odd and peculiar in our own special way. It's our individual weirdness that makes us so complex and unique.  

We all need a dose of quirk in our lives, if only to challenge us to crawl out of our comfort zone and live a little more than we would have otherwise, opening our eyes to a part of life that we've previously ignored.

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We all need to take a page from Andrea Brillantes who has taken quirk into the realm of cool. With her, life just seems to blossom with endless giggles and a rainbow of colors. Her general good vibe draws people in like a magnet, generously sharing a dose of happy with the world at large.  


1. Her clothing is so quaint, it's not even funny. Andrea's style is uniquely her own. The pieces she wears are hardly considered traditionally "fashionable," with strange ensembles of puffy skirts, flowy blouses, crazy prints, tunics, and pants. But, Andrea carries all the outfits with panache, proving that style is definitely all about attitude.  


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2. Unexpected things are her, well, thing. Sometimes, the things Andrea does is perplexing. However, all her zany antics seem completely natural and logical for her to do. Her understanding of the world is fundamentally different from others' and she acts accordingly, dancing to the beat of her own drum.


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3. Boy, can she dance. Andrea's smooth sashaying across the stage is a sight to behold. Exciting, creative and energetic, every performance is riveting at the very least. The young star dedicates a serious amount of time honing her skills and having a blast while she's at it.  


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4. Unconventional is just her way of life. Quirky is as quirky does. With Andrea around, life will be anything but boring (just look at how unafraid she is to don red). She has her own ideas on how to best live her life, what to do with her spare time, and how to most enjoy herself, proving that a little bit of crazy never hurt anyone.


5. She who dares to be different is naturally edgy. Don't be fooled by the big eyes and flowy clothing. It takes guts to be weird, wacky, and unique. And, being edgy takes guts. Andrea completely owns zany herself, making her a force to be reckoned with.  

6. She also isn't one to take herself too seriously.
 Andrea is a huge breath of fresh air in a world that’s often way too focused on appearances. Perfect may always be acceptable, but it’s never going to offer the unique flavor of someone who truly is alive. Andrea revels in all the unique experiences that life has to offer, something that someone obsessed with perfection will never be able to do.


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