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In Focus: 5 Things That Prove Kathryn Is A Queen Since Birth

In Focus: 5 Things That Prove Kathryn Is A Queen Since Birth



Today, the young superstar that captured the hearts of countless Filipinos since she first appeared on television turns a year older. From being that cute little girl on Goin’ Bulilit to becoming a rising young actress on Mara Clara and later on being dubbed as the "Teen Queen," Kathryn has come a long way in the industry—but this gorgeous girl shows that she's not yet done dominating the limelight as she continues to prove with each new project just how much she deserves all the success that she’s getting right now.

Despite being all that and more, there's still more to Kath than what viewers usually see in the characters she portrays on television. Kath proves to us that through these things, she has always been a queen through and through!

1. She has always shown talent. At the tender age of seven, Kathryn has already auditioned for so many roles and has continued to develop her acting and performing skills since. While many know her as an unstoppable force on television and films today, she's no stranger to rejection and failure. In fact, being exposed to it early on molded her into the strong, determined person she is right now!


2. Her bubbly personality lights up the room (and the world). There is no doubt why fans love Kathryn—who couldn resist that beautiful smile and bubbly personality? According to her sister, she has always been energetic and joyful and she is the jolliest person in their family. Truly, this gal is a breath of fresh air not just on-camera, but also in their household.


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3. She learned the value of hard work at an early age. Who can forget that Kathryn, who was studying and acting at the same time when she was starting out in show business, managed to graduate as a valedictorian in grade school? Kath learned how to work diligently and use her time wisely at an early age, which enabled her to achieve success early in life. This girl proves that no one is ever too young to start building the path that you want to take in life!


4. She takes to heart lessons she's learned from life's challenges. With so many experiences to learn from, what made Kathryn the wise person that she is today, aside from her mom's guidance, is her ability to pick up the lessons she has learned from every challenge that she has encountered. 


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5. Her desires always included making other people happy. Kathryn's efforts for the people she loves is probably what her fans love most about her. Whether it's her family and friends or fans, her life is all about finding fulfillment in others' happiness—and we couldn't be any happier that she's getting all the love and happiness that she rightly deserves!


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Happy, happy birthday to the one and only Kathryn Bernardo!


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Photographs from @bernardokath on Instagram and YouTube




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