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In Focus: 7 Ways Kisses Delavin Moved Us And Won Our Hearts With Her True Self

In Focus: 7 Ways Kisses Delavin Moved Us And Won Our Hearts With Her True Self

With eyes that disappear when she smiles and a genuine heart, Kisses Delavin won her viewers' affection instantly. The Pinoy Big Brother Lucky 7 Second Big Placer awarded during Pinoy Big Brother's Big Night was the timid, sensitive yet honest beauty in that iconic yellow house, who has shared several times with the public about the social struggles she encountered while on the reality show. She believed at first within her own mind bubble that most of the housemates disliked her, but time would soon show her that it was all a matter of humility, openness, and perseverance that could change her perspective. Even if she was one of the Pinoy Big Brother housemates who shed the most tears in frustration at times, she didn't give up. Here are seven times we noted that Kisses was a Big Four keeper all along:


1. We heart Kisses' humility as a friend. Her being willing to admit mistakes and feelings even in her friendship with MayMay is a golden trait. She pursues peace at the end of any conflict and this is what makes her such a good-hearted friend to have.



2. Kisses showed us that NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) doesn’t necessarily mean no love since birth. A lot of people who have stayed single are just not necessarily the type who wear their hearts on their sleeves but it doesn't mean they've never fallen in love or had feelings for someone. On the show however, to be a true contender, Kisses had no choice but to bear what was truly in her heart and it was very difficult for her to confess her feelings for a certain housemate during the lie detector challenge. 


3. She displayed courage in admitting how she really felt as a competing individual while inside the house. Kisses admitted once to Kuya in the PBB house to feeling like an untalented nobody that no one wanted to get to know more. Others may have viewed it as weak to show most of what she was really feeling, this feeling of being left out or overlooked by most of her housemates. This unloading of the storm inside, though, only gave Kisses more power and resolve to stay on. 


4. Kisses might be a demure and careful girl when it comes to the heart but when it comes to her tummy, it’s all or nothing. People love a girl with a happy appetite na madali pakainin. She has so many favorite dishes and even desserts that she loves to eat. It's a simple sign that the person is easy to hang out with and not difficult to please come mealtime. 


5. Kisses proved H.L. Mencken’s quote about telling the truth to be true: “I believe that it is better to tell the truth than a lie. I believe it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe it is better to know than to be ignorant.” As a result of opening her heart and sharing the truth, she got the most unexpected message recently from Marco Gallo on Magandang Buhay.


6. Kisses’ clumsy and easily scared or surprised behavior makes her vulnerable and cute. Kisses is known as a chronic scaredy-cat housemate. She easily freaks out when things are either surprising or somewhat scary. Her easily spooked personality has made people laugh several times, even on Gandang Gabi Vice


7. No matter how scared or unsure Kisses was on her PBB journey, she resolved to keep going and not give up. We can't ever forget how Kisses struggled with frequent feels in different challenges, especially in the areas of self-assuredness and matters of the heart. What we believed helped her bag a place among the Big Four is the fact that Kisses still remained true to herself. We can't help but hold dear Vice Ganda's words of wisdom for Kisses with regards to her feeling defeated if she thinks someone doesn't like her: "Do not find your worth and value from other people. We get hurt. Some people appreciate us, some people don't... for as long as we value ourselves." You can tell it struck a chord in Kisses' heart and helped assure her even more.


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