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Hot Stuff: Why We'll Definitely Be Keeping Tabs On DaRci and SueGab!

Hot Stuff: Why We'll Definitely Be Keeping Tabs On DaRci and SueGab!

I Can Do That has been making our weekends highly entertaining, thanks to the over the top performances and the A game every contestant brings, but two that truly stood out are Daniel Matsunaga and Arci Munoz' aerial dance performance...


And Gab Valenciano and Sue Ramirez' aerial hoop dance performance.


Emerging as winners for week 1 and 2 respectively, viewers also saw the couple potential of these cuties and beauties so much so that they have already started shipping them! In the case of Daniel and Arci, aka DaRci, the way they gazed at each brought on the feels.


Did you know that Arci was instrumental in helping Daniel conquer his acrophobia during their practice? They're also compatible in terms of their love for dogs...

Both prefer big dogs, mind you!


Asked about the secret behind their performance, Daniel explained that there's a "connection" between him and Arci. How cute is this almost-kiss???

So close!


Which made the audience clamor to see more of DaRci in future episodes.



As for Sue and Gab, aka SueGab, everyone was amazed at the trust both had in each another... that aerial dance sure looked scary!


Unlike Daniel and Arci, though, Sue and Gab have no problems dealing with heights (both adventurers, check!).

Both just love that on-top-of-the-world feeling.


They seem to be looking a bit alike in terms of facial expressions...


After the performance, Sue and Gab were still in touch, even online!


Even Gab's mom, Angeli Valenciano, approves of this new tandem:



What other surprises do these newly-minted "love teams" have in store for us? That's what we will look forward to in future episodes of I Can Do That. Keep the kilig going, guys!


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