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Cheat Sheet: How You Can Pull Off Any Makeup Look In Just 20 Minutes

Cheat Sheet: How You Can Pull Off Any Makeup Look In Just 20 Minutes

Waking up for work is hassle enough. If you live in the city, you’re practically forced to get out the door as soon as possible, lest you want to get stuck in morning traffic.  

For some, that means either haphazardly putting on makeup or disregarding it in favor of other things like eating breakfast, hopping in the shower, or choosing what to wear. But after observing the finalists at Ever Bilena’s Big Beauty Challenge on March 17, we realized that it’s actually possible to paint your face in such a short time! For the final round in their series of weekly challenges, the video bloggers, aspiring, and professional makeup artists were asked to put on avant garde makeup (yes, you read that right) in as little as 20 minutes.  

With tips from their Grand Winner, Min Ortiz, here’s the secret to nailing any look, no matter how little time you have:

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1. Have a peg. Your peg can come from anywhere: Magazines, YouTube, Instagram, or even Google! Knowing the kind of look you want will save you from thinking of what exactly you want to do.  


2. Organize your makeup station. This means setting your applicators, powders, foundations, lippies, mascara, eyeliners, eyeshadows, etc. neatly instead of dumping everything in one giant pile. Ideally, the space you lay out your products on is big enough to fit all of them. Also consider investing in makeup organizers, drawers, and other storage items for easier access.


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3. Start with the base. Some makeup artists prefer to start with their eyes, while others like Min start with the face. There’s no right or wrong here, so long as you’re sure that this is where you want to begin.    


4. Speaking of base, make sure to first clean your skin! It’s important that you rid your face and neck of dirt before putting on any type of makeup. If you don’t, your pores will be clogged and you may suffer breakouts. It might even make you need to touch up more throughout the day. The last thing you need when you have zero time is to cover your face up with more product.  


5. Have fun with it!  Makeup is supposed to make you feel confident and highlight the features you already have. Also, shaky hands might affect the overall outcome of your look, so don’t be too nervous!


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