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In Focus: Here's Proof That Kris Aquino Is Just Like The Rest Of Us—Just With Much Better Skin

In Focus: Here's Proof That Kris Aquino Is Just Like The Rest Of Us—Just With Much Better Skin

"I waited nearly a year, but FINALLY starting something NEW and celebrating with FAITH that my journey is taking me back to where I belong...#NaMissKoKayo...," wrote Kris Aquino on Instagram. Even without giving away specifics, this one post was more than enough to keep her millions of beloved, faithful fans from all over the country both excited and guessing.  

With the exception of a few endorsement shoots throughout the past year, we last saw Kris bid farewell to her long-running daytime show in 2016. So when she announced that she would soon be returning to the public eye, we couldn’t help but wonder what exactly she was up to since. After all, she had been on hiatus for quite a while.  

We knew she had just come back from an extended trip to the United States. After 20 years (or 10,354 days, as she put it in an interview with ABS-CBN) of working nonstop, the former Kris TV host apparently used this period to undergo a "primarily lifestyle change." “I went to five different doctors to finally answer what was wrong with my hypertension and all my health concerns,” she confessed. “My medication and diet was changed. I’m taking much better care of myself [now].”


The trip was certainly a wake up call for the seemingly stressed and overworked mother of Joshua and Bimby. Yet, despite the lifestyle changes made, one thing she’s managed to maintain all these years is youthful, glowing skin. How does she do it? She stays away from vices (she neither smokes nor drinks) and stocks up on medicine or remedies that not only compensate for a person’s lack of nutrients in their diets, but are proven to maintain one’s looks. “I take a lot of vitamin C. I take evening primrose oil that helps a lot and collagen supplements. I also drink a lot talaga of fresh, cold pressed juice.” 


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Right now, Kris has a 30-part digital series called called Kris Adventures in the works. Inspired by Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, it’ll allow her to travel to different spots of the Philippines. With these travels come the need for extra caution: She is very careful about sun exposure, which is not unusual for people working in front of a camera.

Because her shows are travel-oriented, she’s often forced to stand outside, with the heat beating down her skin. “Kaya nag-adjust sila,” she reveals. “Nakiusap ako na I don’t mind waking up early para morning sun. So we would roll at 7 in the morning. By 5 o’clock  mini-makeup na ako. And we try to pack up at 10:30 in the morning para at the peak from 10:30AM to 2PM wala ka, tapos balik na lang after. Imagine for us girls, yung 7 o'clock call time is a 4:30 wake up call. Ang hirap maging girl!” And this is coming from someone who still “gets eight hours of sleep” a night.


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Kris, who just turned 46, also doesn’t close her doors on anti-aging procedures if they will help keep her looking as natural as possible. "I think you should embrace your age because you’ve achieved so much already. But you have to look your best... In my opinion, we want to fight the signs of aging in a way where you don’t look like you underwent all scientific procedures. You don’t want to look like a science project!"

This is why she now endorses Ultherapy, an FDA-cleared, non-invasive procedure that lifts and tightens the neck, chin, and brow, and improves the lines and wrinkles on the chest. Kris started her procedure early January after noticing the results on construction magnate and good friend Alice Eduardo (who had hers done months prior).    

"With Ulthera, it doesn’t freeze your face.  When you’re a host, you have to be able to react. Or else, sabihin nila ‘Nakikinig ba 'to or not'?" That’s why I was really impressed by it," she says

We won’t be surprised if five or 10 years down the line, Kris will look just as radiant as she is now, with how smartly she handles aging.


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Photographs from and Jana Jimenez




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