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What Your Date Outfit Says About You

What Your Date Outfit Says About You


Dating is hard. Forget the anxiety of actually getting a date because once you’ve managed to secure one, the real stress begins: Where do we go? What do we do? But most importantly, what do I wear? We’ve all been there—on the eve of that elusive first date scrambling to find what we think will be the perfect date ensemble. It makes sense when you think about it: A first date is the like the ultimate advertisement. You’re putting yourself out there but how much should you be putting out?

Because our goal is to impress as opposed to falling in love (which will eventually follow suit if things go well), there is much effort that goes into finding that perfect date ensemble. It’s easy to Google “what to wear on a first date,” but what exactly does a generic dress and heels ensemble really say about you? When it comes to first date dressing, it’s all about revealing the real you. Stick to clothing that you wear on a daily basis because you’ll hopefully see this person on a second date. If you still find yourself stuck in a rut and in panic, here’s a quick rundown of the main options and what kind of impression they’ll leave on him:

Jeans and a Low Cut Top: Though it may seem like a simple and casual idea, this pairing makes a strong statement. The jeans lend a sense of chill unlike wearing a dress, and instead makes you more like one of the guys. The low cut top, however, says otherwise and commands attention by showing off your décolletage. Great for most date situations, this combo is a flawless mix of nonchalance and sex appeal. Style Archetype: Casual Chick

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A Pretty Sundress and Sneakers. You’re probably the type of girl who likes to watch European films on weekends and prefers to think out of the box when it comes to dressing up. You know how to temper romance with quirk—which is an unexpected twist that most women try to master but to no avail. Color as it is is a great way to show off your personality. Bright hues can give the impression of a happy, energetic, and warm person—qualities most single people are looking for in a partner. Style Archetype: Edgy Eccentric

Boho Dress. You’re unafraid of showing your hippie, free-spirited side to the guy you’re going out with. Comfort is key to this look but it doesn’t mean you can dress up in dowdy clothes. You won’t be found in body-con anything on a first date because the more comfortable you are in your outfit, the more natural you’ll be on the date, and he’ll definitely gravitate towards your good energy. Style Archetype: Free-Spirited Romantic (here's eye makeup that will perfectly complement your look)

Little Black Dress and Heels. A straight up date night classic, you’re a no nonsense type of girl. Dressing up in an LBD reveals a penchant for clean lines and an all over refinement that can be dressed up for fancy wine and dine nights or dressed down for quick movie dates with a change of accessories. Its somber hue is sexy despite its seeming simplicity, and exudes an air of mystery. Style Archetype: Classic Lady

Wrap Dress. When he picks you up and sees you in your wrap dress, he’ll know almost immediately that he’s not taking you to a local dive bar. You’re an upscale girl with a kind of guy who takes you on a date somewhere upscale. Your career is important to you and you’re looking for someone just as driven as you are. Style Archetype: Career-Oriented


Originally published in Metro’s February 2015 issue, full article by Ria Gamboa, photograph courtesy of Banana Republic. Follow Metro on Instagram and Twitter and like their official Facebook page.








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