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Cheat Sheet: Nail Liza Soberano Levels Of Looking Cute In Caps And Hats

Cheat Sheet: Nail Liza Soberano Levels Of Looking Cute In Caps And Hats

Hats can be the cherry on top of a great get-up, but the choice of hat is always a crucial thing. Most people like us sometimes feel a hat is unnecessary bonus you need to take time to think of at the end. A well-chosen hat, however, can up your style game in a second. Liza Soberano has proven this a number of times already, and well, so has Elphaba...


On athleisure casual days, do try out the easiest cap to wear: The baseball cap or snapback. When you're keeping it casual, snapbacks or baseball caps are great for girls with long hair or bob cuts, it adds that game factor and shows you have no problem being laidback from time to time. Don't wear caps to semi-formal or formal events, though, unless it's a themed sort of occasion.


A wide-brimmed dark fedora hat looks great with preppy clothing. Please note that a wide-brimmed hat is not always a cowboy hat. Liza looks cute as a button here in smart casual clothing and her hat just adds the right level of sophistication to her look.

"The hat is not for the street: It will never be democratized. But there are certain houses that one cannot enter without a hat. And one must always wear a hat when lunching with people whom one does not know well. One appears to one's best advantage."  

- Coco Chanel


A wide-brimmed hat in a lighter color like cream is also nice, but choose the shape and color well so you don't look like you're on safari. Fedoras, by the way, are great for people with round-ish or somewhat cheeky faces, they're good and quite versatile. If you are petite try not to buy wide-brimmed hats that are way too wide where the brim almost reaches your shoulders because it will make you look smaller and childish. Wide hat brims that are halfway out towards your shoulders are just about okay.

"There is something very elegant and beautiful about a woman in a hat, so wear it with confidence. Wearing a hat is a statement and if it is new to you it can feel a bit strange at first, but you just need to wear it and get used to it, like a new pair of shoes. You’ll be surprised by how many compliments you get and wonder how you ever lived without it."  

- Claire Howeson, the founder of Penmayne of London


The ever seasonal beanie is a necessity in cold weather but you can pair it with nicely styled hair. There's no need to promote the "thug life" if you're wearing a beanie abroad or somewhere cold. With nice hair, a fresh face, and a sophisticated inner shirt like a nice turtleneck that doesn't clash, you can still look chic in a beanie hat.


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Photographs from, screencap from the "My Ex and Whys" trailer




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