In Focus: Scarlet Snow Belo Tours Us Around Her Playground Of A Home

In Focus: Scarlet Snow Belo Tours Us Around Her Playground Of A Home

We love watching Scarlet Snow flood our feeds as much as you do. Her pics and videos are just the cutest things to hit the Internet!

Sometimes she’ll accompany her parents, Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho, to a media event. Other times, she’ll get all dressed for family outings here and abroad. 

But on most days (or at least, in the pics and clips we‘ve seen online) Scarlet stays comfortably at home. And when she does, she’ll spend her days running from one part of it to the next.   


Ninja Lesson #3: when your enemy is winning then...RUN! #TeamSnowyBear

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Or cruising around in her sweet rides.

A souped up mini cooper that’s just the right size.


Or a baby Porsche for when she wants a change from the Mini.  This was a gift from two of her Titas.


Every step she takes is like giving us a little peek inside her lovely abode. Come see for yourselves! 

Scarlet’s playroom, for instance, holds more than just toys and a puzzle mat. 


Here's my alaga who's so loud and naughty. She's waking up my other baby. What should I do, people? Help!

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It’s got a beanbag chair, an L-shaped couch, spare plastic chairs, booked out bookshelves, and its own television set. It’s so complete that friends and family can stay here to just hang out!  


Even at 1 year and 10 months @scarletsnowbelo shows that she's tenacious . A trait correlated with success in the future .

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It's even used as a classroom for her and dad!


Do you think I'm going to be tall, medium, or small when I grow up? I want to be "s-tall-ium."??

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And when she gets tired of her own playroom, she’s free to crash her parent’s room anytime.


It seems her parents like to keep their rooms spacious, yet stocked. Notice how, besides a standard bed, Vicki and Hayden also have a reclining chair, an in-room refrigerator, and a hospital bed propped in front (which Vicki uses for her own home treatments). How cool is that?


Over at their kitchen, Scarlet’s got her own high chair stationed close to where her mom and dad eat.  


The other side, where actual cooking happens. Soon, Scarlet will be big enough to cook, too!


What we normally don’t see though is the family’s growing collection of health food, supplements, and spreads (the ones pictured are from Nicole Ortega).


Another place Snowy Bear loves? The living room and dining area used for fancier dinners with guests. She especially loves banging the African drum, which makes for an interesting talk piece.


But, ever the musical child she is, Scarlet will also sit down and teach herself how to play other instruments.


When the weather is nice, Scarlet will also venture into their backyard. Whether that means hanging out in the teepee from her Ate Cristalle and Kuya Justin...


Or basking in the sun to admire their pond.

Curious now, aren't we?


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