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In Focus: 10 Reasons Why Primetime Hottie Arjo Atayde Is A Worthy Showbiz Crush

In Focus: 10 Reasons Why Primetime Hottie Arjo Atayde Is A Worthy Showbiz Crush

He's not just the son of drama-queen Sylvia Sanchez anymore. Arjo Atayde has certainly made a name for himself in the industry with his smoking hot acting on FPJ's Ang Probinsyano. We've noticed he's particularly interesting also off-cam and quite a comedian as well, and we can't help but find his love for his family endearing. Here are ten reasons why we think he's worth your thoughts and butterflies:


1. He’s an action star, point taken. He's known as the intense and villainous Joaquin Tuazon on Ang Probinsyano and has just the right mix of menacing and deceptively charming all together in his role. Sometimes you're not sure if you want to slap him or kiss him.


Your imagination is a weapon of mass contruction.

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2. He’s a good-looking mestizo dude. It's not just Arjo's tisoy good looks that get him on our list of hunks to watch for, he manages to communicate with his audience in a way that registers as truly Pinoy pa rin. The way he speaks is more like a "pare" than just your average dude, there's a vibe of pakikisama that Arjo just has naturally.


3. He has that deep type voice of "god" and you just wanna listen (even if he's evil like in this scene from Ang Probinsyano where he plans to court the widow of the man he killed for a sinister plan). 


4. He loves his Mom and isn’t afraid to say so. You know what they say about potential partners, one key thing to look out for is how much they love their moms. It's a good, safe sign for a girl to consider a guy who loves his mother very much but also has a healthy level of personal independence. 

"I'm a very proud son and I can't put to words how happy I am for you Ma. Like what you always tell me, God has His plans and ways and here it is for you after 27years. Thank you ma for your undying support...this time it's my turn to support you all the way and pray for this show to hit. I love you Ma, I'll always have your back.. Every time I catch the trailer it gets my eyes sweating wondering why I'm even about to cry then I realized its just tears of joy seeing you on screen doing what you love the most. Tomorrow's your day Ma... To my first love, good luck and again I'm super proud of you. This is it! Thank you ABSCBN for giving my mom the chance I am really grateful for the chance you gave my mom. THIS IS IT!"


5. He loves his siblings and isn’t afraid to show it. He's the eldest of four and isn't afraid to be both the lead sibling but also the teamplayer and cheerleader for all of them.

"1 - 2 - 3 - 4  My source of Happiness"


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6. He’s a bro/dude you can count on. Here he is with Michael Roy Jornales supporting Pepe Herrera onstage, a colleague on Ang Probinsyano was also  "Tolits" in the musical Rak of Aegis at PETA.


7. He’s hot when he dances. Arjo might not be known as a dancer but he certainly doesn't look awkward when he sets out to bust a move! "Gulat kayo noh..."


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8. He can be menacing when he switches on his actor mode. In this rare interview of Sylvia Sanchez with Arjo and Ria, the showbiz family put their acting skills to work on a simple plot Vice Ganda issues them on Gandang Gabi Vice, revolving around an empty refrigerator. The result is hilarious... Arjo is scary at first but then Mom takes over. This acting showdown with his mom and sister brings it! 


9. A serious actor Arjo certainly is, but he can also be a totally goofy dork in his free time. Arjo is a ham off-cam which is what makes him so interesting to talk about because he brings his A-game onset, but off set he's such a genuine goof.


Waking up thinking you have something to do BUT NO.. YOU GOT NADA! Lol!!! ??

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A post shared by Juan Carlos Atayde (@arjoatayde) on


10. He loves hanging out with his entire clan and super promotes family appreciation. The Ataydes love having lots of fun together under the sun, we can't wait for more photos from Arjo of his adventures this summer! Here's a little literal scoop for you on Arjo, he loves ice Cream on pandesal.


F A V O R I T E ! Ice Cream on Pandesal ??

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